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GunBound MMO

For a long time, we have worked in the game industry, and have applied
our creative talent into creating Mobiles that you have never seen
in other shooting games.

With many unique types of armour, we open this game to you, so you can develop crafty and even sneaky! new strategies. The Moondisk also changes the gravity on each map, making it necessary to re-calculate how
the atmosphere will a re-calculate how the atmosphere will alter
how you fire. It's important to use your weapons well and adapt

Orcs Must Die Unchained MMORPG
Orcs Must Die Unchained MMO

Orcs Must Die: Unchained is a Free 2 Play Strategy MMO ( Fortress Siege/Tower Defense MOBA) developed by Robot Entertainment.

Produced by Robot Entertainment, Orcs Must Die: Unchained is a free to play action packed-based “fortress siege” MMO where players can choose from a variety of different classes/characters and go head-to-head against other players or challenging AI in an attempt to destroy their opponents defences and push through waves of minions into their base.

Dominance MMORPG
Dominance MMO

Dominance: The Throne of Elders is an online turn-based fantasy strategy multiplayer game. Currently, free and fully playable beta phases are taking place.
In the game you control an Elder, a mighty wizard who wages war with other players or allies with them. Interaction between players is the key issue in our game - prepare to start communicating and plotting right from the beginning. When you start playing you will immediately be aware of your neighbours and other players with interests in your area. Dominance’s IRC-like communication modes make sure that the presence of other players is not merely a number on the screen. As opposed to most other Internet games of the similar type (MPOGs), Dominance features a 2D map. Territories are not abstract or generalized, and armies don't dwell “in transit”.

Blacklight MMORPG
Blacklight MMO

Developped by Zombie Studios, Blacklight Retribution is a free to play multiplayer online first person shooter based in a futuristic urban warzone. The game focuses on innovation by fully utilizing Unreal 3 technology and implementing DirectX 11, giving gamers stunning graphics. It provides players (especially FPS enthusiasts) with a massive arsenal of weaponry and gear ranging from bleeding edge side arms to massive mechanized Hardsuits.

Players can customize their weapons and gear for the perfect load out. Blacklight Retribution allows customizing everything about a weapon from barrel, ammo type, stocks, muzzles, optics, colors and even weapon tags. Also they can earn credits in game to change the tide of battle by deploying flame throwers, automatic grenade launchers and even airstrikes. The first in-game tool that players should learn how to use effectively is the Hyper Reality Visor or HRV for short, which enables the player to see through walls, locate opponents, team mates, weapon depots, and even detect a weak point in the structure of the Hardsuit. The second spectacular tool in the game is the hardsuit, a sort of giant mechanical armor. Armed with a minigun and railgun the hardsuit is the ultimate weapon.

Kingdoms of War MMORPG
Kingdoms of War MMO

Welcome to the fantasy world of Jairon where you will take the role of a minor Lord who rules over a small fiefdom known as a Province. Your goal is to grow your Province and the Kingdom your province is associated with, by building up your lands, training Peasants as soldiers, learning magic, spying on neighboring Kingdoms, basically anything and everything that will give your Province and/or your Kingdom an edge over your enemies.

The entire game is played out in realtime in a huge persistent world. When you go to battle you will be able to actually take your armies onto the field and fight your enemy in realtime. You will hold Court with the 19 other members of your Kingdom on a regular basis and leaders from the Provinces will be elected to leadership positions in the Kingdom. Your Kingdom will engaged in diplomacy such as setting alliances, or trade relationships.

Myth Angels Online MMORPG
Myth Angels Online MMO

Developed by UserJoy Technology for Windows and PlayStation 3, Myth Angels Online (MAO) is the newest title of the Angels Online series. As free to play mmo title, has kept the original 2D cute style anime flavor of Angels Online, and presents whole new game features, such as instance dungeon mode and pet troop. Based on Greek Mythology, gamers act as warriors called by the gods and goddesses to fight in the battles against evil forces. Gamers can go solo or with their friends to explore the Myth and enjoy the arcade-type excitement to wiping out monsters in the instance dungeons. Besides, gamers can raise various adorable pets to create their own pet troop, and ride on powerful robots to conquer the battles. It features fast combat pace and Magnificent battle effects; various ways of looting; integrating and decomposing equipment; an innovative pet system with a maximum carrying capacity of 10 pets; an instance battlefield, which allows players to form teams and get rewards through fighting; and specific fighting targets.

MetalKnights MMORPG
MetalKnights MMO

Metal Knights is a turn-based game. This means that once you've taken your turn, it's up to the other players do theirs before you move again. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to play a turn, so feel free to play in more than one game at once if you want to play a bit longer! :) Keep in mind that at first your empire is quite small and there won't be much to do in a turn until 4 or 5 turns into a game. And after 15 to 20 turns, your empire may get very huge and playing your turn may take you much more time to complete, as you may have to manage a very large number of cities and units. It's a good idea to spread out when you join games as you'll eventually have many games that will take long time to play all at once if you join them all on the same day.

Might and Magic Duel of Champions MMORPG
Might and Magic Duel of Champions MMO

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions is a F2P Card Collecting MMO Game developed by UbiSoft for Windows.

In this free to play card collecting game players get to go head-to-head against each other with their very own deck of cards built up using a variety of powerful heroes, various creatures and monsters, devastating spells, tactical fortune cards and game changing events as they battle it out to try and kill off their opponents hero. With hundreds of available cards players have innumerable strategies that they can utilise to try and defeat their opponents, creating unique and powerful combinations that are constantly evolving with new expansions and the new cards that they bring.

Siegelord MMORPG
Siegelord MMO

Siegelord is a F2P Strategy MMO brwoser game. Developed By: 37games

Siegelord is an exciting mediaeval strategy MMO where players can fight as a Lord in the army of one of three mighty factions that are locked in an ongoing war for resources, territory and dominion over the land of Thieden. In this free to play game players must rebuild their own city, train up and equip a mighty army and then embark on a crusade to destroy their enemies. Siegelord can be played directly through your web browser after an account registration and does not require a client download.

Panzer General Online MMORPG
Panzer General Online MMO

Panzer General Online is a Free-to-Play Strategy Card MMO developed by Ubisoft.

Panzer General Online is a free to play strategy World War Two themed MMO from the popular Panzer General franchise, the game is a browser-based card collecting where players must build up their own army/deck from a variety of different cards and play against the computer AI or other players in tactical based combat. Using different cards and strategy players are able to build a strong deck around their own preferred to play styles, whether aggressive, defensive or versatile.

Dynasty Warriors MMORPG
Dynasty Warriors MMO

Developed by Techmo Koei for Windows, Dynasty Warriors Online is an action free to play online 3D MMO game with tactical combat. It is set in the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China and the beautiful graphics will transport players back into the heart of this dramatic and romantic period. This game artfully combines MMO elements with the fast paced, exciting combat players have grown love from other Dynasty Warriors titles. The action oriented gameplay is not all that common for MMORPGs and will be something that sets DWO apart from the rest.

Heroes of the Banner MMORPG
Heroes of the Banner MMO

Heroes of the Banner is a F2P Tower Defence MMO browser game, deeveloped By: R2 Games.

Heroes of the Banner is an exciting free to play MMO set in a fantasy realm and focuses on players having to defend their villagers from hordes of rampaging enemies. Using traditional fantasy elements such as orcs and Demons the game also touches upon aspects of Norse mythology with a variety of Heroes and deities from the Norse mythology being summoned as powerful heroes to help the people in their darkest hour. The game can be accessed easily through the publisher’s official website after a registration and then played directly in player’s web browsers with no need for a client download.

Golden Age MMORPG
Golden Age MMO

Golden Age is a free2play mmorpg browser based published by Aeria Games. Inside the game there are a lot of features and let the player to go around the world with his character by a 2D side-scrolling graphic.

The combat system works throught a card system, previously seen in other browser games. With these cards the player can decide to attack with different units of his army and defeat the enemies.
At the end of every war the player will obtain different rewards such as golds, items and gear items that the player can use to upgrade his hero.

WindGlory MMORPG
WindGlory MMO

WindGlory is a Free-to-Play Browser MMORPG developed by Proficientcity

Based in a fictional fantasy realm wind glory allows players to fight up in the sky where both the powers of good and evil are locked in an endless bloodthirsty conflict with each other, unified forces of the light against the armies of Dragons, Demons and dark races that wish to bring an end to hope and all that is good. The world itself is in danger, but with the prophecy of a human that will be able to use the soul stone, and amulet of great power, they can stop the forces of evil and save everyone by banishing this darkness forever.

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