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WindGlory is a Free-to-Play Browser MMORPG developed by Proficientcity

Based in a fictional fantasy realm wind glory allows players to fight up in the sky where both the powers of good and evil are locked in an endless bloodthirsty conflict with each other, unified forces of the light against the armies of Dragons, Demons and dark races that wish to bring an end to hope and all that is good. The world itself is in danger, but with the prophecy of a human that will be able to use the soul stone, and amulet of great power, they can stop the forces of evil and save everyone by banishing this darkness forever.

Wind Glory is an F2P strategy MMORPG that players are able to play in their own web browser, meaning there is no need to download a game client to play. The aim of the game is to build up a strong and powerful hero to battle the darkness, equipping then with a whole host of available armour, weapons, abilities, spells and hiring mercenaries to join their group and bolster their own forces. There are various elements of both PVP and PVE within the game and so it has something that everyone can enjoy, the simple gameplay allows casual time investment or for those who wish to compete and be the best in the game a hardcore access ability where time invested is rewarded greatly.

Within the game players can select from three different classes; a Thunder Warrior, a Kirin Tor
Wizard or an Amazon Archer. The Warrior is well equipped with numerous weapons and extremely powerful in melee combat where their ferocity and bravery is unmatched and their defensive capabilities are unsurpassed making them able to soak up damage from their enemies. An Amazon Archer is skilled in dishing out huge amounts of damage and critical attacks with their keen perception and long ranged marksmanship abilities, they are also extremely dextrous up close and have a high potential for dodging enemy attacks. A Kirin Tor Wizard is a formidable battle wizard, spending years of their lives studying the magic arts and unlocking its secrets so that they can wield terrifying elemental powers and use them against their enemies in a defensive and offensive capacity.

One of the key areas of the game are currencies, which there are many of and can be earned from different places whilst engaging in different activities; they play a key role in the game. Depending on your location and activity players are rewarded with a variety of different currency resources which they can use to purchase upgrades, rare items and also skills. For those fighting against Demons down in the terrifying Hell Gate they will earn Hell Coins, which they can spend in the Hell Shop and trade for Mount Shards; pieces that remain of those brave mounts that four in battle and succumbed to wounds and death and have been trapped in hell ever since. Players are also able to get involved in PVP, competing in the solo arena or joining a team for 2v2 or 3v3 fights where they are able to earn merits and medals; this unique currency is used to purchase new items and gear from the Arena Shop to increase a players battle prowess, and can be used in the Scholar’s Book Feature that will enable them to unlock various new skills and abilities for their chosen class.

Whilst the game offers a lot of solo content many players prefer to play with others and the ability to start your own Guild at later levels or join one that has already been established, players can work together cooperatively to take on harder challenges. There are a number of different Guild only features that give players different rewards and bonuses as well as offering extra challenges in the form of Guild battles where different Guilds can compete against each other to try and prove that they are the best in the game in some exciting PVP action. These battles take place at a specific time three days a week and Guild leaders must actively sign up and choose their members that will compete in the fight.

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