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MMO Genre: F2P Strategy
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: Bytro Labs & Dorado Games

Free to play and accessible through your web browser MMO RTS, Conflict of Nations pits players against player in a global war where each player takes on the mantle of a leader of their own country, looking to protect their territory and expand their controlled borders in a bid for world domination. With PVP focused gameplay players will make their enemies, use diplomacy to form Alliances and create trade negotiations, establishing their nation, training a powerful military and looking to claim victory and win the game.

The main goal for any player in the game is to acquire enough Victory Points needed to win the game, laid out in the initial world victory conditions, players must attain a target number of points to win the game, which will then prompt a reset so that players can start again and try their luck and strategy in a new world. The world map is identical to a modern day map, broken up into hundreds of countries and territories players will be tasked with trying to capture as many cities as possible, which will give the player Victory Points for each city they control with some key cities giving more points.

Players do not have to achieve global dominance on their own, whilst rivals and enemies are easy to come by as players try to whittle down and destroy each other's nations, removing them completely from the game, so too can players work together and form Alliances and combine their Victory Points to achieve a collective victory.

There are numerous way to try and establish a nation and expand it, players can focus on key areas that best suit their playstyle and strategy, but they will have to learn to master and use each element. City management is a key area and a nation's cities are where they will not only gain their Victory Points but also be the source of their infrastructure and accumulated resources; using these resources players can construct various buildings within their cities and train up new military units as part of their standing army. There are various components to a city that a player must actively manage including the populations Morale where low morale can greatly hinder infrastructure and progression, Resources that are earned and spent constantly with various builds and tasks, and of course the players time.

Time management is a critical component as actions such as researching a new technology, or training a powerful unit, can take hours and sometimes days to complete and players are only able to focus on a certain number of tasks at any one time so they must learn to prioritise the needs of their nation. Similarly when moving units around the world map it can take them real world days to reach their destination depending on how far away it is, all of which continues to happen in real time even when the player logs off from the persistent world.

Many tasks can be rushed by spending purchased premium currency, whether finishing a building more quickly, training a unit, boosting a population's morale or even buying needed resources. Players can also purchase new technologies from the different research trees to gain access to more powerful units, however, to restrict players from purchasing their way through the tech tree and gaining too much of an advantage it game ensures that certain technologies can only be acquired (through payment or normal research) a set number of days after the new game has begun, so that late game/more powerful units only come into action further into the war.

Whilst combat and conflict are an avenue to victory and players can march their units onto their opponents, so too can players employ more subtle uses of chipping away at their opponent through espionage. Using spies players can plant them in rival cities to gather intelligence and learn what types of diplomatic relationships the rival nation has been making, or examining the strength of their army or how sophisticated their technology research is. Spies can take more aggressive actions ranging from Sabotaging units, populous and buildings, to lowering morale and attacking a players infrastructure more indirectly. Alternatively players are able to use spies in their own cities as counter-espionage, stopping rival players from performing such actions in their own cities.

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Conflict Of Nations
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