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Crystal Saga II is a free to play browser RPG set in an anime fantasy world where players step into the shoes of the fledgling hero of the realm, sent on an epic story driven quest players will travel across the world to different areas and fight against all manner of creatures and monsters.

When starting out players have six different classes to choose from: Knight, Priest, Rogue, Ranger, Beastmaster and Mage. Each class has unique abilities and a different style of play, particularly in regards to the types of stats they focus on to make them proficient in fights either when fighting solo or in a group with other players trying to take on challenging group dungeons.

The game is primarily quest focused outside of events, where players will speak to NPCs to get jobs and roam around the world completing tasks or fighting enemies to gain XP and rewards. The quest journal has a link that when clicked will auto-path the character to the required location or NPC. Combat consists of targeting enemies and using your primary class skills, players do not need to maneuver their character during combat as enemy attacks cannot be dodged, instead enemies will keep attacking until they are killed.

As enemies are killed and quests are completed players earn currency and XP to level up their character, each time a player levels up they can put points into their different stats choosing which areas to focus on such as Agility increasing a character dodge, hit and critical strike ability, whereas Endurance increases their hitpoints and physical defenses. By spending skill points players can put points into two different class trees that will unlock new abilities and upgrade old ones to make them stronger.

With currency players are able to upgrade their gear that they have earned through events and questing, all equipment comes in six different classes: Common (White), Outstanding (Green), Magic (Blue), Pristine (Yellow), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) as well as five different qualities. Gear can be upgraded in a variety of ways including enchanting, item synthesis, placing gems into sockets and using the Frageron Forge to further upgrade gear, adding new stats and bonuses to your items, as well as this players also get extra bonuses for collecting entire sets of armor.

Players can acquire their own pets in the game using taming scrolls that take them to Monster Island, or players can pray in the Pet Temple to obtain them, using them as combat support they are able to have one battle pet that will help directly in combat and six support pets that will boost attributes to the active pet and player, all of which can be managed through the designated pet panel. When a player has acquired enough pets they are able to evolve their battle pet and make it more powerful, or they can use metamorphosis crystals to morph their pets to potentially convert them into different/more powerful creatures.

The game features an AFK mode that is unlocked upon reaching level 16, here players can use an AFK coupon to give them AFK Time which allows them to grind autonomously; with option to choose which nearby monsters they kill, which potions to use and when to use them, which skills to use and how often, and automation on repairs, looting and more the game is designed to allow players to not have to play it. AFK time does not allow players to complete quests and is only for killing enemies, your AFK is triggered manually and when it is done your available time starts counting down, when a player’s time runs out they can no longer AFK unless they purchase more AFK time with crystals premium currency.

The game has open world Boss fights known as Overlords, they appear at three set times during the day and can be battled after level 35, with four stages of World Overlord players can earn extra rewards from dealing the most damage, the more damage the better rewards, as well as dropped loot when the Overlord is killed. Other events include the Magic Tower where players battle their way through different levels trying to collect magic orbs and essence to upgrade the orbs of your own tower.

Crystal Saga II

MMO Genre: F2P RPG
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: R2Games

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Crystal Saga II
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