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Big Bang Empire F2P MMO RPG you can play on Web Browser, Android & iOS
Developed By: Playata

In Big Bang Empire players lace up their thigh high boots, equip their skimpy panties and don a top that leaves the very little to the imagination as they embark on an epic journey of becoming a porn star of the adult entertainment industry. This free to play browser-based MMO lets players fully designed and customise their own budding entertainer as they rise through the ranks of home-made movie star to the glittering (yet no less seedy) world of feature film pornography. With very tongue in cheek and adult humour players will find much amusement in the direct and uncensored themes and language littered throughout the game.

When first starting out players get to create their character, using a range of different facial and body features including skin tones and hairstyles players can make everything from a ridiculously chiselled hunk, a busty, blonde, big eyed Barbie or even a complete nerdy looking guy that to make it in the industry must have other hidden talents. Once finalised players can give their character their very own porn star name that they will hope to see up in lights one day or on the big screen. In future players are able to “go under the knife” and pay for cosmetic surgery to change their characters appearance or pay for a hairdresser to change their hair style.

From here players can purchase a variety of gear from the Sex Shop to cloth themselves in, in the early days their gear consists of low quality basic items that lack a certain sensuality and so must make do with shabby ranks and home-made “tools”. Players have a number of different slots to equip different items into, changing them around and purchasing them with in game currency, signed off any old items in a longer need for better or upgrades. Items increase one of the players’ four main stats/attributes: Strength, Stamina, Charisma and Finesse, and whilst these may seem like attributes appropriate for a porn star they are primarily used for fighting other players in.

Increasing stats to be better at PVP is the primary goal of the game as players can acquire skill points when they level up or complete achievements/tasks, and are able to enhance one of their attributes; alternatively players can simply spend in game cash to increase them. When fighting against other players you are able to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie against your opponent to judge whether you believe you are able to beat them in a fight; if successful players will gain rewards and increase their Glory rating (signifying their PVP ranking) and if they defeated they will only gain smaller awards and also lower their Glory.

Players will primarily gain XP through duels and by completing Missions, these humorous activities will see players interacting with characters from around their starting neighbourhood, though as they level up and make their way to the big city the types of people they will have to deal with and the missions they take on will improve. Missions come in a variety of forms ranging from Timed missions that have a story objective and will automatically be completed after a certain amount of time has passed, one of the key hurdles in the game is that all actions to take anything from minutes to hours to complete, which keeps their character occupies so that they cannot perform other actions, and so players can either wait for this time to pass or get the time to instantly complete by spending the premium Diamonds currency there is earned occasionally through the game or purchased with real-world cash. Other Missions are duels where players must fight against AI opponents that have for one reason or another angered your character enough to want to beat them up.

To earn extra money players can get a job that they can choose how much time they spend doing, again making them unable to do other tasks such as missions or duels, but the longer a character is passively performing their job the more cash the player can make, which they can then spend on extra accessories, clothing and even putting me towards setting up their own studio and creating their first movie.

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Big Bang Empire
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