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MMO Genre: F2P RPG
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: R2Games

A free to play hero building RPG, Thundercall sees players step into the shoes of a rising hero, thrown into an adventure where they must battle against demons that are plaguing the land and the malevolent evils that control them. In the game players control their main character and head around the world completing quests for NPCs, acquiring loot and rewards to make their character stronger. With full 2.5D beautifully designed graphics players are able to access the game through their web browser without having to download a game client.

When starting out players get to choose their hero, either a male warrior or a female mage, both class characters have completely different sets of skills and abilities that they will use in battle with the warrior being more of an up close melee combatant with high defense he can dish out damage and take a lot of hits before he’s in trouble. The mage is a little more delicate, though her high mobility and ranged attacks can often keep her out of trouble as she obliterates her opponents with a range of elemental spells raining down fire and lightning upon her foes.

Combat in the game, unlike many other RPGs of this type, is action based with players using the mouse to guide their character around the map environments and activating their abilities on the number keys. Ranged attacks are made towards the mouse cursor and so players have elements of skill and strategy in battle and must manage both their health and stamina, and mana for the mage, to ensure they don’t find themselves without once they reach the final boss. Throughout a combat stage players can even build up their Fury bar to unleash a devastating area attack on all the enemies on the screen. Whilst players can control their character, choosing which attacks to make, they also have the option of turning on the AFK feature to let the game play itself and take control over their character to complete a stage for them.

Player characters don’t have to fight alone and will be accompanied by different Gods and Goddesses in battle, which they unlock throughout the game in a variety of ways either by completing quests or unlocking them through events and as rewards for completing set tasks. Each deity has their own abilities that they will use when following your character around in battle, completely automated they will fulfil their role either to attack enemies, defend the player or even using healing effects to keep them alive.

As players level up they gain access to a wide variety of features that provide content for them to complete but also ways to improve their characters, weapons and more. Everything that a character has, their weapons, pets, mounts, goddesses and other things all contribute to their Battle Rating which is a combination of all these effects to demonstrate how powerful the character is. Some features such as Mounts and Pets ca n be upgraded to increase their stats (and in turn the players BR) as well as the Forge system which has a number of elements including an Upgrade feature which will directly make your equipped gear stronger and increase your stats (Attack, Dodge, Defense, etc.) as well as improving the rarity of your weapon, all of which uses different materials. Characters can also be directly upgraded by improving their skills, which can be enhanced with powerful runes, or even applying talents that will change their playstyle.

As with upgrading features numerous events will also unlock as a player levels up such as the Boss Rush, which is a high level event where players can try to challenge various bosses one after the other to battles, otherwise players will mostly be fighting against the AI in the quest stages.

Whilst the game is free to play it does have many areas where premium Diamond currency comes into play, whether opening Gift boxes, purchasing items from the cash shop, refreshing your stamina (which is used with most actions you take and replenishes slowly) or allowing players to refresh the cooldown timers on events. Buying Diamonds also provides players with VIP status, the more Diamonds they buy will overall improve their VIP level granting even more benefits.

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