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Thirty Kingdoms is a Free to Play Grand Strategy MMO. browser game, developed by Bytro Labs

From the creators of Supremacy 1914 comes a mediaeval fantasy grand strategy MMO that pits 30 unique players against each other in a battle to expand their personal kingdoms, take over in control a continent and do battle with each other as well as intelligent AI factions. This free to play MMO can be played directly through your Internet browser without the need of a client download and supports both German and English versions.

The game follows an easy to learn - hard to master philosophy where the mechanics at their core are relatively simple and easy to pick up, combined with a brief tutorial for players on how to construct buildings and train units. As players begin to spread across their respective continents, and come in contact with each other than a competitive hard-core MMO begins to unfold as players require in-depth strategic tactics outsmart their player opponents, often planning days and weeks ahead and working towards their objective.

The sheer length of time it takes to perform actions such as moving units from one province to another, training new units, constructing a new building, etc. can take hours and even days and so the games are definitely falls into the casual involvement category where players will check-in every so often to see how their kingdom is progressing, perform a few actions and then leave the game to run itself. However, players are able to play multiple games at once, all on the same account and so can essentially play the game for longer periods and manage their different kingdoms.

The basic premise of the game is to expand your territory is by claiming the various provinces that make up the world map, broken down into over hundred individual territories, each with their own resources and often in the control of the barbarian AI or a rival player, either an AI controlled Noble House or an actual player House. Once under a players’ dominion they are able to improve the settlement there, anything from a village up to a sprawling city filled with a wide variety of different buildings that have been constructed. Each province also has available land, but players can utilise for building farms and other resource production buildings, resources, playing a key component to advancing a province, building new units and can also be used to negotiate trade with other players.

Player interaction is a key component of the game, with the construction of a Marketplace. Players are able to trade with each other and use diplomacy as a means of both parties gaining what they need. Players that are on peaceful terms and may share similar objectives can also form an Alliance to further help each other and their cause. However, not every relationship is so amicable, as often as not players will be competing against each other as rivals, using espionage and assassins to try and create the downfall of their opponent, as well as declaring all-out war and fighting each other for control of territory and resources. Towards the later game this type of combat is more prevalent, particularly between larger Alliances that fight each other and compete for positions on the rank leader-board.

Each day The King’s Chronicles newspaper is updated, showing which new players have entered the game (taking over the AI Houses), showing what actions have been made in other provinces in so far as buildings that have been constructed, which players are currently at war and who started the battle and more! Players are also able to write their own articles that will be published, including images if the players are subscribed to the VIP High Nobility.

The VIP feature allows players to purchase a subscription where they gain access to a number of convenience features, such as having their own High Nobility chat to speak to other premium members in the game. Players can also gain Emeralds, which are the games premium currency through a handful of in game actions, purchasing them through the in game shop or filling in surveys and downloading software/registering to websites to earn in game Emeralds.

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Thirty Kingdoms
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