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Heroes of the Banner is a F2P Tower Defence MMO browser game, deeveloped By: R2 Games.

Heroes of the Banner is an exciting free to play MMO set in a fantasy realm and focuses on players having to defend their villagers from hordes of rampaging enemies. Using traditional fantasy elements such as orcs and Demons the game also touches upon aspects of Norse mythology with a variety of Heroes and deities from the Norse mythology being summoned as powerful heroes to help the people in their darkest hour. The game can be accessed easily through the publisher’s official website after a registration and then played directly in player’s web browsers with no need for a client download.

The basic premise of the game is a classic tower defence game where players are responsible for constructing various types of battle towers to protect the roads as the hordes of enemies try to invade the players’ village. Each tower has various attack types, useful against specific types of enemy unit as many of them have different defences and invulnerabilities against particular towers and so players can need a strategic balance and varied choice to ensure they take down wave after wave. If players let too many enemies get past their defences then they will lose the battle, by successfully defending their villagers in each battle they will complete the map and move onto the next challenge.

The towers themselves are constructed by individual Heroes, players will have to recruit new Heroes to gain access to their towers, with each hero having a different rarity based off how powerful they are. Players are able to use a scroll in the Tavern to summon forth new Heroes to join in the battle, the scroll will summon three different heroes and if the player likes their stats then they can choose to recruit them to their cause. Using more powerful summon scrolls will give players a chance to summon rarer/more powerful Heroes.

Each Hero, as well as having a unique tower type, will also have their own godlike ability that players can employ when in battle. These powers offer up area attacks that do a great deal of damage to enemies, particularly useful when enemies have been gathered into a choke point and max damage can be applied on as many of them as possible. The different attacks are more or less effective on different enemies, but each attack will use a set amount of mana that will be taken from the players overall mana pool, though it slowly refreshes over time players must ensure they have some mana in reserve for any enemies that manage to slip past their final tower defence.

As players level up they will unlock access to new Heroes, towers and game features to help them in their journey and slowly progress the overall story line. Players will also earn gold coins both during the game and upon successful completion (players gain extra rewards based on how well they do in a battle) which can be used to upgrade individual Heroes to make them more powerful. Heroes can also be improved by equipping them with various items and gear that players will loot during the course of a battle or earn as a reward drop from a particularly challenging enemy boss.

Before each battle begins players are able to choose which of their Heroes they wish to use in the battle by placing their respective towers down on the limited tower points available, as well as upgrade them into different versions depending on the Hero. The Mage type Heroes have the ability to place down a Flame tower or an Ice tower, whereas the Hunter type Heroes can place down an Arrow tower or upgrade it to a Bear Druid tower; each has a completely different effects and as players level up and are able to improve their Heroes they will also gain access to new tower types. The choice of Heroes available in the game and the ways in which a player may choose to customise and upgrade them offers up a great deal of strategy to players as they try to progress through the various levels and unlock more features.

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Heroes of the Banner
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