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Panzer General Online is a Free-to-Play Strategy Card MMO developed by Ubisoft.

Panzer General Online is a free to play strategy World War Two themed MMO from the popular Panzer General franchise, the game is a browser-based card collecting where players must build up their own army/deck from a variety of different cards and play against the computer AI or other players in tactical based combat. Using different cards and strategy players are able to build a strong deck around their own preferred to play styles, whether aggressive, defensive or versatile.

The game in many ways resembles a typical card collecting game and at its core, follows the same principles where the game board is made up of three lanes that players must place their “cards” onto with the aim of directly attacking the enemy “hero”, or in this case a General. However, at each turn a unique twist has been added to these common elements to separate Panzer General Online from other games and emphasises the WW2 theme. The battlefield and units tokens themselves are visually in the style of a tabletop game, made up of hex squares and connected together with the units as small miniature is affixed on circular bases as though a board game.

Each player takes command of their own General, protecting your General and utilising their resources strategically is the key to victory in the game. Each general has command points that they use to perform actions, each action costing a different number of command points, and so over the duration of the game the general will slowly deplete these points. However, command points also acts as the General‘s health pool and so performing high value actions will also directly lower your health, making your General easier to kill.

Generals are attacked and defended by the troops that are placed onto the map/game board, made up of three lanes of different terrain, where different terrain types offer different bonuses to units. These units can be made up of infantry, artillery, armoured units and more and will each have their own attack, defence and counter-attack values, when going up against other opposing units. The key to victory is either by destroying all the enemies units so they are left without a defensive force or by clearing a lane of units so that you have a direct line of sight to the enemy General, positioned at the opposite end of the battlefield, where your units can attack them.

Each turn a General is able to play one of their orders/command cards, which generally consist of either performing special attacks and actions or increasing your resources/command points. Generals are also able to reposition their troops, switching them between lanes to take advantage of terrain features, exposed lanes and enemies that they have superiority over e.g. a tank is much stronger defensively against an infantry, and so makes the infantry an easy target for them. The constant shifting between lanes of both teams makes a constant cat and mouse style strategy try to outmanoeuvre and outsmart your opponent.

There is a central divide that splits the map into two portions that players cannot move beyond, considered to be the front line this the only location a units can typically attack from (with the exception of such units as mortars and howitzers that can attack any tile on the map). However, those units positioned behind the front line forward troops are able to support their adjacent allies to boost their abilities. Collecting the different unit cards and building up your army deck is a fun aspect to the game and offers up a wide selection of different tactical choices for each player.

Players are able to choose between one of two different factions: the Allied Forces or the German Axis, each faction offering up its own different types of units, further adding to the available strategy in the PVP game mode where players are able to compete against other players from around the world. There is also a PVE focused campaign, whether players are able to lead their chosen forces through key events and scenarios of World War II, such as the battle of Monte Cassino, or the initial German defence during the Normandy landings.

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Panzer General Online
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