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Alliance Warfare is a free-to-play real time strategy browser game developed by Digital Experience. The game is set in a land of war where the ancients have abandoned four nations to their own luck. Players have to build a city, train troops, research technology, and expand their territory.

To expand an Alliance Warfare starting city into an empire, buildings must be constructed and upgraded. Players can build apartments, barracks, spy camps, stables, factories, storehouses, taverns, markets, hospitals and a city hall among others. You can train several types of troops as pikemen, militia, peasants, axemen and swordsmen.

There are 3 different technology branches that can be researched. The resource branch is for a better economic development, the knowledge research decreases construction time for buildings, makes unit healing more effective and gives several other bonuses and the military branch will speed up your army development.

Alliance Warfare is the first game to ever integrate a live radio station right in the game. There are live DJ's all day/night and they actively participate in the game and allow players to directly interact with them and request music.

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Alliance Warfare
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