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Vikings: War of Clans

MMO Genre: F2P City Building Strategy
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: Plarium

A free to play strategy where players step into the role of a Jarl, a leader of their own Viking Clan, responsible for building up their settlement, training soldiers, unlocking the secrets of new technologies and battling against rival Clans for dominance and rewards. The game is free to play and can be accessed directly through web browsers without the need of a client download.

In the game players will have to manage their time and resources well as they compete against each other to have the most dominant and powerful clan; each player has a private settlement of hardened northerners that they must protect and utilize to expand their influence. By managing the five primary resources (iron, stone, lumber, food and silver) players are able to construct new buildings and upgrade them to give the settlement more benefits. Whilst a town can produce their own resources, as player's towns grow bigger then they will require even more resources, and for this they must turn to trade, diplomacy and combat.

There are a variety of buildings that can be constructed in a town, each having certain locations where it can be placed; buildings take resources and time to construct, from a few minutes to hours to complete. Players can rush completion of longer builds but it costs Minute Booster items, which cam be earned through gameplay, or premium Gold currency to purchase them; if a building will be constructed in less than 5 minutes then it can be rushed for free. Buildings range from barracks to train troops, production buildings for resources, the Oracle to research Knowledge, wall fortifications and more; buildings can be upgraded to make them create their items faster or improve them in some other way; buildings cannot be upgraded higher than the level of the Palace.

Raising an army from the numerous available Nordic units in the game can amass a player a powerful army, with thirty different troop types to unlock and train players are able to customize their forces and army composition as suits their playstyle. With different Troops having their own strengths and weaknesses against other troops, players must think tactically when sending their units into battle where not only the size of the army matters but the different types of troops it is made up of. Players need to ensure they have enough Food to keep their army running, using it up as an ongoing maintenance resource once an army has no food to keep it fed then they will start to abandon their Jarl.

What is an army without a strong leader? Not only will players be responsible for improving their town and troops, but also improving their own Jarl "Hero" character. Player's can improve their Jarl as they level up and earn XP, or construct various items of gear and equip them to their Jarl to gain added bonuses. A Hero can be equipped with various Hero Sets that are unlocked by acquiring Memory Points, as well as upgrading the Hero's own personal abode to give boosts to Influence, Silver Capacity, Hero's Experience and more.

Hero's get their own unique Hero Skills allowing them to advance certain aspects that will benefit their settlement by investing Skill Points, such as being able to construct buildings quicker, improving production of certain resources or improve troops. The Hero Skill tree requires players to meet other skill requirements to navigate it, it is extensive and takes a long time to reach the bottom of the tree. In a similar vein to Hero Skills players are also able to unlock "Knowledge", giving boosts to certain aspects of the game, with separated trees broken down into Military, Economic, Espionage, Invaders and Training; these upgrades unlock various new buildings, units and features.

Army assembled players can select various targets out on the world map, ranging from AI settlements, roaming bands of invaders, to settlements owned by other players. Players can use espionage to find out more information about their targets, revealing their troop defenses, and getting intel on what would be the best troops to send on an attack. When the attack is made it takes time for units to march across the map, immediately after the battle players reveal a Battle Report showing the victory or defeat, casualties, plundered resources and much more.

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Vikings War of Clans
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