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Golden Age is a free2play mmorpg browser based published by Aeria Games. Inside the game there are a lot of features and let the player to go around the world with his character by a 2D side-scrolling graphic.

The combat system works throught a card system, previously seen in other browser games. With these cards the player can decide to attack with different units of his army and defeat the enemies.
At the end of every war the player will obtain different rewards such as golds, items and gear items that the player can use to upgrade his hero.

There is also the possibility to have a personal castle that can be upgraded. The player can build a lot of buildings and upgrade them, also can upgrade the number of soldiers in his personal army.
The world is huge and there is a high number of maps that can be explored, all with their dungeons and monsters to kill.

The game offers also a lot of feature of a classic mmorpg and classic RTS. The interface is rich of options to personalize the character, see all the quests, check your castle, the army, the in-game mail and so on.

The player can also attack and try to conquer other castles.

The main city, Sanctum, has a lot of districts and can be fully explored with your character.
The game is completely free2play and can be played without paying anything, even if there is an item shop where you can buy some useful items.

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Golden Age
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