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Affected Zone MMORPG
Affected Zone MMO

Affected Zone Tactics

MMO Genre: F2P MMO Strategy
Platform Availability: Windows, Max and Linux
Developed By: Light Vision Interactive

Affected Zone Tactics (AZT) is a free to play MMO strategy where players control their own squad of soldiers in turn based combat against other real world players, using customized units and in game tactics players have to capture the map flags as they fight solo or with friends. The engaging graphics and isometric top down viewpoint provides a real tactical feel to the game as players watch over as the Commander of their military forces in exciting coo-op battles.

Scarlet Blade MMORPG
Scarlet Blade MMO

Scarlet Blade is a free MMORPG set in a sci-fi fantasy world and developed by LivePlex for Windows. The game offers players the chance to control a powerful and sexy Arkana while unveiling a unique, compelling story against the backdrop of a vibrant fantasy world tinged with sci-fi elements. You will have the chance to follow this intriguing storyline, explore a gorgeous world, plunge in the huge PvP system with large scale battles against other players, transform yourself in a powerful mech and enjoy the fast-paced, action packed combat system of this epic story-driven MMORPG.

Soldier Front 2 MMORPG
Soldier Front 2 MMO

Soldier Front 2 is a MMOFPS developed by Dragonfly GF Co Ltd for Windows that takes place in an alternate future timeline in which the nations of the world have been pulled into a new cold war and an alien species named Xanthids have arrived to the Earth. The game delivers stunning graphics, tightly balanced team warfare and a huge variety in gameplay and customization options.

Soldier Front 2 has multiple game modes that allow players to team up against one another and ensures that the team-based action is always fresh and exciting. These game modes include the typical death match and capture point modes as well as a unique MOBA-style map and a co-op battle that pits players against waves of attacking aliens. In addition, the game includes lots of different maps and game scenarios which allow players to play hundreds of different matches.

Allods Online MMORPG
Allods Online MMO

Allods (Free to Play MMO) brings players into a universe of epic fantasy and fierce conflict with a deep and captivating storyline. It takes place after the destruction of the planet Sarnout and the subsequent formation of the namesake Allods. These mystical islands float in the Astral, an expansive living substance that makes up the compelling game world. Adventurers will explore the numerous Allods as they battle against a wide range of enemies – and each other.

Flyff MMO

Flyff is a Free2Play MMO Game

In ancient times, five Gods of Lais sought to create a new world with new inhabitants that could live harmoniously among them. They gathered and agreed to create Roika Mainland; their new world. They created water and the earth, animals and plants as well as Humans. At this time, and at all times in Roika Mainland, it is a time of peace.

After years of peace, the God’s decided to leave Roika Mainland and create a new world. With this, in an attempt to maintain the golden age of Roika mainland the Gods of Lais handed all of the secrets of the land as well as the core part of the revolution-genesis gear over to the kind race of Dwarf. The God’s only wish was that the world would remain as beautiful and peaceful as it was in their rule…….

Zombies Monsters Robots MMORPG
Zombies Monsters Robots MMO

Zombies Monsters Robots is a Free 2 Play Arcade Shooter MMO, developed by Yingpei Games for windows.

the creator of inter dimensional portal technology has slipped up, accidentally opening up a cross dimensional portal to our own world that has brought on the onslaught of deadly and dangerous creatures in all guises looking from nothing more than to wipe out humankind. With the walking undead, terrifying monsters fought only to live in the myth and stories and enhanced cybernetic robots, you now stand as one of the human operatives sent to push back these threats where they came from an end them from good.

Eredan Arena MMORPG
Eredan Arena MMO

Eredan Arena is a Free to play MMO Trading Card Game developed by Feerik for Corss Plataform games (internet explorer, IOS and Android).

The downtrodden and defeated Amnezy is on the hunt for revenge against the heroes that make up those nine Guilds of protectors that dwell within the world known as Eredan, famous and ferocious adventurers who thought they had seen the last of this mischief maker. Using her power Amnezy has successfully captured the heroes leaving this world bare and in peril whilst she makes them fight for her own entertainment in her own private arena. Here allies will be forced to fight against each other and enemies stand side-by-side as companions in this twisted and bloodthirsty game.

Marvel Heroes MMORPG
Marvel Heroes MMO

Marvel Heroes 2015 is a Free to play Action MMO game genre, developed by Gazillion Entertainment for Windows.

Marvel Heroes 2015 is a completely free to play action MMO that puts players in the driving seat of some of their favourite heroes from the Marvel universe as they embark on a huge open world’s story arc filled with famous faces, villains, super heroes and locations. Created by David Brevik, the man behind both Diablo and Diablo 2 and a story written by famed Marvel author Brian Michael Bendis, the game captures all the feeling of an action RPG wrapped up in the iconic universe that remains true to its setting.

Dragon Nest MMORPG
Dragon Nest MMO

Dragon Nest is a free to play action MMORPG which mixes adrenaline-pumping and high-speed combat with visually stunning attack combos with an epic storyline and role-playing elements of both classic RPGs and traditional MMORPGs alike. Developed by Eyedentity Games for Windows, Dragon Nest lets you engage the enemies in a third person shooter style gameplay where you have to aim every single blow through a crosshair and dodge every single enemy's attack using a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective.

Topia Island MMORPG
Topia Island MMO

Topia Island is a free-to-play browser-based MMO game developed by Bytro Labs, combining social elements such as friends, gifting and common missions with aspects of real-time strategy and city management games. Players will explore a tropical island on which they will collect resources in order to build houses and set up their own community and economy. They will be guided by a character-driven story-telling throughout their journey.

The game’s story revolves around an idyllic island named Topia where a peaceful group of people is trying to build a society far away from the evil Empire. Building houses and schools as well as establishing an economy with farming and manufacturing are their first steps towards independence. However, the shadow of the Empire is long and soon the people of Topia may have to rise against oppression.

Combat Arms MMORPG
Combat Arms MMO

Developed by Nexon for Windows. Combat Arms is a fast paced modern MMOFPS (first person shooter). Battle it out on various maps and six game modes. Earn new ranks and cash by winning matches and buy new guns, attachments and gear. New players start with a ton of cash but in Combat Arms guns are not permanent, they expire after a week or so.
There are different gameplay modes: Elimination (Team death match. This is the most popular game mode), Search and Destroy (One team must plant a bomb while the other tries to stop them), One Man Army (Free for all), Capture The Flag (Two teams attempt to capture opposing flag), Spy Hunt (Players attempt to acquire all 3 ‘intel cases’ to become the super spy with access to powerful weapons), and Snowball Fight (Special game mode available until March. Freeze other players with snowballs than shatter them with a shovel).

MAT Mission Against Terror MMORPG
MAT Mission Against Terror MMO

Mission Against Terror (MAT) is a free to play first person shooter (FPS) set in a fictional time not far from our own, pitting two teams against each other all around the world. From the male civilian with a vengeance to a war-torn female soldier with something to prove, characters from all walks of life come together to fight for a common goal. FUelled by a wide array of rea-world weaponry from practical assault rifles to massive gatling guns.Developed by Kingsoft for Windows.

Dungeons n Dragons Online MMORPG
Dungeons n Dragons Online MMO

Developed by Turbine for Windows.Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is a f2p MMO which offers a unique and refreshing take when it comes to battle. Known as the Active Combat system, fighting in DDO is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an MMO. DDO gives you the ability to feel the action at your fingertips as your skill is truly tested! Monsters can see and hear you, adding entirely new elements to an already advanced system — for no longer is combat relegated to simply pressing your number keys.

King of Kings 3 MMORPG
King of Kings 3 MMO

Developed by Lager Network Technologies Inc for Windows, King of Kings 3 is a free-to-play 3D online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is built around battle between players. There are plenty of ways to engage in PvP – be it in duels, open PvP, strategic attacks on other kingdoms or epic battles in which entire realms battle against each other. The different classes you can choose from are: Warrior, mage and cleric. Each one with three advanced classes: Berserker, Ranger, Knight, Sword mage, Conjurer, wizard, Scholar, Bishop and Priest.

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