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Therian Saga is a Browser F2P MMO RPG developeb by Virtys.

Therian Saga is a free to play RPG with a difference, set in a fantasy world of adventure players will have the freedom to do what they wish, pursue their preferred vocations and experience exciting adventures in a newly discovered continent. Players can create their own bands of thieves, party of fighters, guild of crafters and more as they choose their place in the community to craft items, weapons and treasures for both themselves and other players.

In the game each player has the chance to become a legendary hero, choosing their own path they can seek out a life of adventure as a famous explorer and seeking out hostile and dangerous territories and uncovering unknown lands to find valuable treasures. They can study the weird and wonderful creatures of this new land, training and taming them to become allies that stand and fight alongside them. Alternatively players can focus on becoming an artisan, exchanging sword for saw and training up their various skills to create masterpieces to elevate them in both society and the kingdom, using their knowledge as a master labourer able to provide much needed resources to the wealthiest of Lords or other artisans and players to build estates, castles and many more constructions.

All players will start out at the bottom, humble newcomers to the lands of Hope Island, with few skills, coin and connections, it is at least a land of opportunity. Developing skills is paramount to success and survival in the game, players can enter apprenticeships that will allow them to progressively train up their skills, not bound by any particular role they can learn any skill and trade they like. Skills are grouped into their own specialisation categories, when a hero manages to increase their score that is assigned to a particular skill they will also improve their score and expertise with the category as a whole, having a beneficial impact on other skills that are within the same field. Players can train up their skills by assigning a task and learn new recipes to craft various items including Legendary objects from recipes that can be found, received as quest rewards and even made randomly when creating other items.

One of the most important aspects of the game is the equipment that a Hero uses, broken down into two categories players can have equipment focused on Fighting skills and equipment focused on Trade and Terrain skills. These weapons and tools offer mechanical benefits, meaning players always need the right tool for the job, but there is also a Civilian Appearance tab to customise how a player looks which simply affects the aesthetics and doesn’t provide any bonuses.

Companions play an important role in the game, these allies will evolve with players as they progress through the game, the best companions are those that can support and boost your efforts in the particular tasks that you as a player wish to focus on. Companions come in the form of humans that can be recruited from any inn and animals/monsters that can be tamed in the wilds. The skills of a Companion will directly count towards player’s final score when the task they have an assigned uses said skill, they are also able to aid you in combat and harvest resources and so are always handy to have around.

Exploration plays a key role in the game, players can explore the main continent map and will encounter a variety of different terrains each with its own characteristics, which require players to have appropriate skills in order to navigate and traverse them successfully. Lacking in travel skills will greatly hinder a Hero and so a well-rounded set of skills to gain some experience and mastery over different terrains is always ideal. The purpose of travel can be as simple as seeking out new areas and the benefits and the creatures and dangers that come with them; such as Dungeons where players will battle in real time. However, as often as not players are tasked with Quests from the various NPC’s within the game which will guide a hero and help them evolve, tasking them with accessing particular items, gear and gold that will in turn benefit them and also push forward the story driven content and open up new features.

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Therian Saga
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