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Developed by Zemi Interactive for Windows. 4 Story is a Free 2 Play Game MMO.

In 4Story there are enemy kingdoms in war. Choose which kingdom you would like to fight for. As one of their supporters you will fight in fantastic battles to secure peace throughout the country and to help reveal its legendary secrets. The fate of the country lies in your hands. Discover the world of 4Story and become part of this thrilling role playing game with a clever battle system and exciting missions. Travel through time, discover unknown territories and master different challenges.
Three kingdoms which are Defugel, Croxion, Broa exist within the continent of Iveria. And each kingdoms are tied to the multiple districts and territories. However, there also remain disputed areas which have yet to be ruled by any kingdoms on the continent. Within the areas, there is a castle to protect its own territory and levy taxes from 3 areas located in the territory at the cost of managing and controlling them. The castle can be owned by a victor of the castle siege warfare that allows only one guild from each different kingdoms that made a success of gaining the highest points from RvR (Monday ~ Friday) to participate.

Choose your class between: Warrior (They wear chain and plate armors and can handle range of wield items including one- and two-handed swords, axes, cross bows, bows and shields), Assassin (Chakrams and daggers are their essential weapons and one-handed swords, bows and cross bows are available as well), Archer (The leather armors enable them to move around easily. Mainly archers handle bows and crossbows for long range attack also treats daggers, one- and two-handed swords for melee attack), Wizard (They get additional power from staffs, magic shields and magic wands. They wear fabric clothing and robes which are suitable for spell casting), Priest (To protect themselves they wear fabric clothing or robes and defend themselves by using staffs, magic wands and magic shields) or Summoner (They are armed with staffs, magic wands and magic shields and wear leather armors for protection).

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4STORY Videos

4story Character creation - MMO HD TV (1080p)

4story spirit gameplay (after death) - MMO HD TV (1080p)

4story mage fairy gameplay - MMO HD TV (1080p)

4story Summoning a creature gameplay - MMO HD TV (1080p)

4story New official trailer - MMO HD TV (720p)

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