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Villagers and Heroes is a Free2Play Browser Fantasy MMO RPG game, developed by Mad Otter Games.

Explore and discover the vast magical world of the Seven Realms as you carve an epic adventure seeking out information of the Legendary Four, the heroic founders whose footsteps you can only hope to follow in on your fantastic journey. This free to play fantasy role-playing game offers up a classic MMORPG experience with rich gameplay features from typical staples to twists that set it apart in the genre. Villages & Heroes lets players interact with thousands of other players from all across the world taking on the role of one of four different classes as they seek out challenges and begin their paths on becoming a Legend themselves.

Players can choose from four different classes, each of which have their own unique abilities and can focus on one of two different specialisations to hone in a particular combat style. Whether stepping into the shoes of the Warrior as a heavy tank Defender of focusing on extra damage as a Swift Warrior specialisation, harnessing the elements as a Wizard and finding mastery as a Fire Wizard to summon molten meteors and fiery death or an Ice Wizard conjuring icy defences and the ability to freeze your foes. As a Hunter you are equipped with a bow for taking down enemies at long range with powerful critical strikes, either utilise your stealth abilities as a shadowy Assassin or focus on up close melee as the Rapid Hunter. Finally the Priest, a constant balance between good and evil they are able to master the light as a Holy Priest with the ability to restore and revive their allies or as a Shadow Priest, one who has leaned to the darkness and uses their power to conjure twisted abjurations and bring death to their enemies.

Villages & Heroes focuses on quest driven content that will guide players through the world and sending them to fantastic magical locales and dangerous dungeons, challenging monster liars or trying to take on the Elder Bosses. These deadly creatures will provide a challenge for an entire group of heroes, not just a single player, with new bosses available at different tiers (a new tier every 10 levels) such as the huge spider Silkslinger, a tier one boss or the fearsome undead Villarius who lives an eternal life of frozen agony upon the peaks of Villar Summit. These bosses hold Elder Fragments, pieces of ancient armour used by the Legendary Four of old and using these fragments heroes are able to recreate this powerful Elder Gear, once equipped they will discover the powers and abilities of these ancient legends and be able to wield them for themselves.

Crafting allows players to create various useful items that they will need on their journey, from food made with the Cooking skill to weapons crafted with the Woofcrafting skill and armour from the Smithing skill as well as clothing and adornments with the Tailoring skill for Hunters, Priests and Wizards. To explore the crafting feature players must get access to various materials which can either be purchased, looted, harvested from their home or acquired through the four Gathering skills: Bug Lore, Plant Lore, Mining and Fishing.

Away from the excitement of combat and adventures players are able to settle their own homestead, designing and personalising their own virtual house that can be visited by friends as well as tending to their livestock on the ranch or growing herbs and food in their garden that can aid them with buff items or materials to be used in crafting or brewing magical potions. Players are even able to join a village with their friends where working together they can contribute resources and build larger powerful crafting facilities to be used by the community as well as helping towards Village Projects that can build up a hamlet into a bustling city of commerce.

The game also includes a number of typical systems and features such as an Auction House where players can buy and sell items that they have acquired on their journey as well as the ability to create their own Guild, requiring at least four people which gives players a visible public title, private communications and the ability to form their own private Guild Village that have their own set of rules different to regular open villages.

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Villagers and Heroes
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