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Developed by S3 Studios Pty Ltd, Rising Grave is a free-to-play browser-based zombie game. Unlike the others zombie-themed themed games, where players defend themselves against the zombie menace, Rising Grave puts the player in the undead rotten body of a zombie, trying to attack the humans or the other zombie players.

The game is developed thinking to the needs of both solo players and team players. You can enjoy the game spending hours online with your friends and your horde of 30 allied zombies, or you can just play for few minutes each day killing that nasty humans, doing tasks, training your stats and keeping enemy zombies away from your home.

The game has a rich and extended skill system that let you learn skills to unlock new gameplay options or improve your existing skills. There are skills that let you steal bloods from other players, increase the items’ quality and quantity drop rates, rescue other zombies from humans and a lot more. There is always something to work on in order to improve your character.

In Rising Grave you can attack other zombies too. You must to protect your territory from other players or maybe decide to launch an attack yourself, but first be sure to be prepared equipping your character with every kind of weapon and armor you can find. When attacking another player always remember to check his avatar because everything he has equipped is visible and can help you to estimate his strength. When a battle takes place in Rising Grave, you will see each of the participants side by side and you are provided with both an animated version and a text log of the battle if you want to view the specifics of each and every hit you have made.

There are a lot of tasks available for the players to complete. You will unlock new tasks progressing in to the game. Tasks are the main method to gain blood and experience by yourself and will be explained and narrated by serious overviews or humorous bits of text.

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Rising Grave
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