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MechWarrior Online is a Free to play Tactical MMOFPS genre game, developed by Piranha Games for Windows.

A universe fuelled by war where huge skyscraper sized mechanised robots known as BattleMechs fight it out over the various worlds and landscapes for the glory of their sworn faction. True to the BattleTech lore the game is set in 3050 A.D. and utilises the story and technology available in this pre-established timeframe from the various lore canon from the MechWarrior franchise. In this tactical MMO first person shooter each player takes on the role as an infamous MechWarrior, the pilots of these enormous, devastating constructs that serve only one purpose; war.

The major powers of the BattleTech universe are divided into various Houses, with six in particular rising to prominence over the centuries. From the Japanese styled House Kurita who follow the bushido philosophy and Shogun way of life, their Daimyo lords rule their worlds, using their “samurai” MechWarriors to enforce their law to the political and economic power that is House Steiner who focus more on industry and capitalism where military rank directly reflects a privileged lifestyle, rewarding those who are well-connected as opposed to the merits of one actions.

The game itself is a team based strategy and requires group tactics between up to 12 players per side as they duke it out in an enclosed battlefield. Communication is so vital in the success of your fight that a built-in game chat, integrated C3 or any third party VOIP program is almost a necessity to be victorious. Players will fight for experience and C-Bills, the in game currency that is used to purchase new BattleMechs and further customise those you have already acquired.

The BattleMechs themselves are walking tanks, huge armoured combat platforms whose internal structure is styled like a skeleton giving it a humanoid, bipedal type form. BattleMechs come equipped with a variety of different weapon systems such as energy weapons (particle projectiles, lasers and flamers) missiles (long/short range missiles) and ballistics (machineguns and autocannons) as well as a number of gadgets and electronic systems. Each BattleMech has an enclosed environment for its crew meaning that they can operate in a multitude of different environments. The systems and loadout of a BattleMech, as well as its weight category, will make each MechWarrior more proficient in a specific role from fast-paced scouts to well armoured defenders.

Currently players can fight in a Team-Deathmatch in “Assault” with an additional base defend/capture system or the more involved “Conquest” mode where on a particular map of there are five different resource collectors, including one per team that is already captured at the teams’ starting location, and three more that are up for grabs spread across the map. Players must fight for control of these points to capture the maximum amount of resources to secure a victory, alternatively a team is also able to win by destroying all the enemy BattleMechs. The fight back and forth over at different points creates an exciting, action packed combat style, but the vulnerability of your BattleMechs means that is simply going toe to toe when you are outnumbered is a bad tactic and players must instead strategically retreat and outmanoeuvre their opponent to survive and win. The winning team is granted C-Bills whereas as the other currency, Germanium, is paid out to both teams.

whilst there is only currently one available game mode to play it can be done solo on nine different maps each of which is hand crafted and given its own unique seem and style to create truly unique environments that are both exciting to play on whilst remaining true to the BattleTech lore. Fight on the “River City Night” map, a sprawling city divided by a huge river linked by two large bridges, here players can stealth in the cover of darkness and hide amongst the rubble of this once pristine city that now serves as a reminder of the destruction and war that has spanned this world. The “Alpine Peaks” map is the largest territory that players can fight on made up of mountainous terrain topped with huge communication towers, snow planes all captured by a low sun that highlights these magnificent vistas. Use high vantage points and work on your long ranged strategy before engaging the enemy in this press taking frozen wasteland.

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MechWarrior Online
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