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Genre: F2P Puzzle
Platform Availability: Web Browser (Facebook) / iOS / Android
Developed By: Sublinet

Tasty Tale is a free to play puzzle based in game where players must match three icons in order to earn points and complete level objectives, which requires strategy, quick thinking and forward planning to earn enough points to complete the level. The game has a beautifully designed colourful graphics, delightful sound effects and music and with the simple interface and fun gameplay makes Tasty Tale suitable for players of all ages; furthermore the fairy-tale theme makes it particularly suitable for children. Tasty Tale is available as an app download on iOS or Android devices as well as being played through Facebook and your web browser with no need for a client download.

The games general theme sees the player as a waitress/chef in a fairy tale restaurant, serving up a variety of delicious treats to a range of well-known fairy tale characters such as Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and more. As players complete levels they will gain XP and subsequently progress through the game where they will take on work at better restaurants and see different clientele as the food demands become greater and puzzles become more complex with additional features.

The main game puzzle is laid out on a 9x7 grid filled to the top with icons of different food ingredients, typically around four different ingredients per game, players are able to drive an icon and try to make it switch places with an adjacent icon and if they are able to get three in a row then all three icons disappear earning the player points (if it does not get three in a row then the icons go back to their original position). As ingredients are destroyed all the ingredients above them will drop down to fill the position and new ingredients will appear at the top of the grid. Players can gain special icons by matching four or five lines that will enable them to remove entire rows/columns of ingredients destroyer of ingredients around that icon, they can gain even greater icons by combining special icons!

The game has two multiple modes such as players having to gather ingredients, here players are given a list to the right of their screen of how many ingredients they will need to create the item, ingredients are gathered as players remove that corresponding icon from the map e.g. removing a row of three cherries will give the player three cherries to their gathered total. This is made more difficult by requiring multiple ingredients or ingredients in a far greater number the more advanced the level. Another game mode is to remove the flies from the food, here one or more flies will appear in the grid and the players must try to remove ingredients below the fly, dropping it down until it reaches the bottom of the grid.

As players advance they will unlock new features that make the game harder such as wooden chests that fill up the grid that ingredients cannot enter and can only be destroyed if an ingredient that is next to a chest is removed from the grid. Though as the games get harder players become more equipped with extra tools such as the blender boost that when activated can appear in the game and when combined with another ingredient will remove all ingredients of that type from the grid, or the fork that when activated can remove a single ingredient, ideal for dropping flies that last row or helping create a large row of ingredients to get a power up.

If players are successful they earn points, each player earning a ranking of 1 to 3 stars and will progress to the next level as well as gaining XP to level up. However, if a player fails a level than they lose one of their lives/clients, when a player has lost all five Clients they can no longer play and must either wait until the Client timer reaches zero which will automatically give them a new Client, spend cash to fully top up that Clients or even add friends over Facebook to gain new clients.

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Tasty Tale
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