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City of Steam MMORPG
City of Steam MMO

City of Steam: Arkadia (COS Arkadia) is a free-to-play browser MMORPG based on the Unity3D technology and developed by Mechanist Games. The game takes place in an industrial “steampunk” where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies make up the mechanical world of the game.

Players begin their adventure in the city of Nexus, where they have to find out more about their family history, and help to rebuild or destroy Nexus. You can affect the world of the game in many ways, either by defeating enemies in dungeons, or by completing missions that affect the economy, the politics or the inhabitants of Nexus.

Herokon Online MMORPG
Herokon Online MMO

Herokon Online, it's a Browser Free-to-Play MMORPG, developed by Silver Style.

Herokon Online is a fantasy MMO set in the tabletop campaign world of The Dark Eye where budding heroes can journey through the land of Aventuria to seek out their fame and fortune whilst battling dangerous creatures and terrifying evils. The game is completely free to play with a premium option and can be played directly in your Internet browser without the need for a client download. Players get to choose from three different races each of which has four playable professions (classes) and can be customised with talents and special abilities.

Siegelord MMORPG
Siegelord MMO

Siegelord is a F2P Strategy MMO brwoser game. Developed By: 37games

Siegelord is an exciting mediaeval strategy MMO where players can fight as a Lord in the army of one of three mighty factions that are locked in an ongoing war for resources, territory and dominion over the land of Thieden. In this free to play game players must rebuild their own city, train up and equip a mighty army and then embark on a crusade to destroy their enemies. Siegelord can be played directly through your web browser after an account registration and does not require a client download.

Panzer General Online MMORPG
Panzer General Online MMO

Panzer General Online is a Free-to-Play Strategy Card MMO developed by Ubisoft.

Panzer General Online is a free to play strategy World War Two themed MMO from the popular Panzer General franchise, the game is a browser-based card collecting where players must build up their own army/deck from a variety of different cards and play against the computer AI or other players in tactical based combat. Using different cards and strategy players are able to build a strong deck around their own preferred to play styles, whether aggressive, defensive or versatile.

BigHead Bash MMORPG
BigHead Bash MMO

BigHead Bash is a frantic free-to-play browser-based multiplayer shooting game developed by Spicy Horse Studios. Set in a world of collectible vinyl toys, the title offers swift and frenetic team-based matches in which players fight with a huge variety of weapons ranging from conventional arms like sniper rifles, machine guns and rocket launchers to even hilarious contraptions such as pepper grinders or tea canons.

Due to its fast-paced action, quick kills and lots of explosions, this shooter is reminiscent of old-school death match games but provides a much more varied gameplay experience featuring multiplayer, co-op, team and capture modes for matches of up to 8v8. Players compete in real-time against each other. When being out on a kill streak, characters’ heads inflate which, on the one hand, gives additional boost to their damage but on the other makes them a bigger target for the enemy team.

Heroes of the Banner MMORPG
Heroes of the Banner MMO

Heroes of the Banner is a F2P Tower Defence MMO browser game, deeveloped By: R2 Games.

Heroes of the Banner is an exciting free to play MMO set in a fantasy realm and focuses on players having to defend their villagers from hordes of rampaging enemies. Using traditional fantasy elements such as orcs and Demons the game also touches upon aspects of Norse mythology with a variety of Heroes and deities from the Norse mythology being summoned as powerful heroes to help the people in their darkest hour. The game can be accessed easily through the publisher’s official website after a registration and then played directly in player’s web browsers with no need for a client download.

Golden Age MMORPG
Golden Age MMO

Golden Age is a free2play mmorpg browser based published by Aeria Games. Inside the game there are a lot of features and let the player to go around the world with his character by a 2D side-scrolling graphic.

The combat system works throught a card system, previously seen in other browser games. With these cards the player can decide to attack with different units of his army and defeat the enemies.
At the end of every war the player will obtain different rewards such as golds, items and gear items that the player can use to upgrade his hero.

Blade Hunter MMORPG
Blade Hunter MMO

Blade Hunter is a Free to play MMO Action RPG genere type game for Web Browser plataforms, developed by R2Games.

Blade Hunter is a free to play browser-based action MMORPG that blends classic MMO features with a side scrolling 2-D platform arcade beat-em-up style game in a vibrant fantasy setting. With exceptional manga style and anime graphics for both the character art, backgrounds and explosive combat attacks the game is extremely fast-paced an action packed. Adventure across a huge world, taking on quests from the various characters met along the way whilst levelling up the character’s abilities and learning to perform even more devastating attacks.

Nova Raider MMORPG
Nova Raider MMO

Nova Raider / MMO Genre: F2P MMO Space Shooter . Platform Availability: Windows / Web Browser / iOS . Developed By: Sublinet

Nova Raider is a free to play space shooter MMO accessible on multiple platforms where players control their own starfighter spaceship out in the unknown universe as players work to beat back enemy factions, acquire resources, complete quests and upgrade their ships to make them more efficient and powerful. The game has enhanced 3-D top-down visuals primarily using static rendered graphics with seamless animations and an intuitive and simple user interface. After an account registration players can log directly into the game using Facebook, iOS or a small Windows client and start playing instantly.

Glory of Gods MMORPG
Glory of Gods MMO

Glory of Gods is a Free to play MMO Action RPG, is a browser game debeloped by BoyJoy.

The lands of Masure Mainland had for years lived in a quiet peace up until Demons invaded their lands with the intent of destroying all its inhabitants and conquering the continent for themselves. With the help of ancient dragons who banded together the civilised races of sprites and humans, gifting them with divine and powerful abilities, the Demons were driven back from the land. With the continent in ruins Amora and Rophnek, to who had previously championed the Dragons, tried to claim Masure Mainland as rightfully theirs to rule, but in their failed attempt were exiled to the distant continent known as Devil’s Carlo. In their solitude they discovered Gorena, the imprisoned Demon Lord, and in exchange for his mighty Demon armies released him from his prison and have now once more waged war on the mainland.

WindGlory MMORPG
WindGlory MMO

WindGlory is a Free-to-Play Browser MMORPG developed by Proficientcity

Based in a fictional fantasy realm wind glory allows players to fight up in the sky where both the powers of good and evil are locked in an endless bloodthirsty conflict with each other, unified forces of the light against the armies of Dragons, Demons and dark races that wish to bring an end to hope and all that is good. The world itself is in danger, but with the prophecy of a human that will be able to use the soul stone, and amulet of great power, they can stop the forces of evil and save everyone by banishing this darkness forever.

Rise of Mythos MMORPG
Rise of Mythos MMO

Rise of Mythos is a browser online collectible trading card game with MMO elements, developed by GameFuse for internet browser, which offers you deep PvE and PvP modes. Fight to protect the city of Silver Heron Ridge from encroaching evil forces in an exciting PvE Campaign, face powerful AI opponents with other players in Challenge Hall, and fight your way to the top of Ascension Tower for powerful rewards. Choose one of four powerful classes and build your deck using creature cards from seven distinct factions, show off your deck building skills and claim victory over your fellow players in the Arena.

The Lost Titans MMORPG
The Lost Titans MMO

The Lost Titan is a browser based massively online roleplaying game developed by ZQGame, in which players journey through the world of Aristos, a magical realm created and managed by two Titan Gods named Hyperion and Ophion.

For hundreds of years, the land of Aristos has thrived under the ruling balance of two Titans. On one fateful day, Hyperion mysteriously disappears, and the world is thrown into chaos. Journey with the protectors of light in search of the lost titan and restore order to save the world.

World of the Living Dead WoTLD MMORPG
World of the Living Dead WoTLD MMO

World of the Living Dead is a free to play massively-multiplayer zombie game which features strategy gameplay and life or death resource management in a huge game universe. WotLD is a game you play in your internet browser. No downloads or plug-ins are needed. You need to use a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The world has been overrun by the living dead. The national Emergency Control & Relief Agency (NECRA) was established to take over management of the most important global issue: survival at all costs. You play the role of a NECRA operative who has been sealed into a secure bunker and given the task of remotely guiding survivors to supplies and shelter.

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