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Blade Hunter is a Free to play MMO Action RPG genere type game for Web Browser plataforms, developed by R2Games.

Blade Hunter is a free to play browser-based action MMORPG that blends classic MMO features with a side scrolling 2-D platform arcade beat-em-up style game in a vibrant fantasy setting. With exceptional manga style and anime graphics for both the character art, backgrounds and explosive combat attacks the game is extremely fast-paced an action packed. Adventure across a huge world, taking on quests from the various characters met along the way whilst levelling up the character’s abilities and learning to perform even more devastating attacks.

In the game players are able to choose from one of three available classes, each with their own unique style of play. The Elven Knight is well equipped and well armoured making him a tough opponent to face, similarly the rogue with his double edged duel wielding swords he uses subterfuge and stealth to bring down his kills. Finally the Valkyrie, one of the last of her kind who is believed to have with Thor himself, she is the mistress of illusions but is equally as deadly as her to companion counterparts. With their own skills and abilities each class is a viable candidate for solo play but there abilities work best when teamed up with other players are different class.

Players earn various points, XP, ranks and more through many of the features playable in Blade Hunter, as well as earning gold used to purchase items or necessary training. As players level up they will unlock new abilities and skills to make them even more formidable on the battlefield against monsters and other players. Once level requirements have been met players can increase their skills, which will generally increase their defence and attack statistics, but players are required to earn Skill Points which are often earned in the Hero and Nightmare Dungeons.

The hero dungeons allow players to take on even greater challenges in the hopes of earning greater rewards through their efforts. These dungeons require 10 stamina points to join and have a cooldown as well as a daily limit to how many times a player can challenge dungeon. The dungeons are particularly difficult for solo players and group play with other players is highly recommended. As well as a hero dungeons there are also nightmare dungeons, which are similar in style but even harder. Players will earn XP, skill points and goal for completing these dungeons, as well as a hero chest or nightmare chest, depending on which dungeon type they choose to face.

For those players who like to spend their time fighting alongside their friends they may like to join or form their own Guild. A Guild can only be created by a level 50 player and requires 3mill gold to form. In doing so players are able to utilise the game functions more easily and enjoy them with friends. There are a number of Guild specific features also available, such as Guild buffs that can be increased by improving the rank of your Guild and Guild events used to earn great rewards.

If grouping together to take on bigger challenges isn’t your preference then perhaps instead of fighting alongside players you would sooner fight against them. In the PVP arena players can do just that, when joining the arena queue the game will automatically use its matchmaking service to puts you off against five potential challengers that are of a similar level, ability and battle rank as yourself. By competing in the arena players are able to earn gold and honor, the amount earned is dependent on the players rank and level, with more rewards given to those of a higher rank. The game even goes so far as to tempt players by showing them what new rank they would hold if they beat a specific opponent. Access to the arena is limited to 10 times a day, with a cooldown in between, which can be instantly removed by spending Diamonds (the games premium currency which is purchased using real-world money).

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Blade Hunter
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