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Ice Age Online is a free game, directly playable from browser and set in the world of the animated film “Ice Age”. To begin own “jump & run” adventure is very easy: you have only to register and log in the game web-page. Now the first thing to do is to create your character, a sloth through and through similar to Sid (main character of Ice Age), but customizable as you prefer (it’s possible to create it male or female, to choose hair and some accessories). The purpose that our alter ego has to achieve is to save own pack and other friendly animals from the glaciation’s hardness, collecting resources of all kinds (not only acorns… but also watermelons, ham and everything you may need to survive).

To achieve our noble undertaking you’ll have literally to run and jump through a lot of levels (side-scrolling type) full of resources waiting for you… among a lot of dangers! Some animals will try to hinder us with their simple presence or throwing us something; in addition you have to watch out for rifts and water. If an enemy animal succeeds in hitting us, we’ll drop all collected resources; if we have nothing to be hit or to fall in a rift means that we have to begin the level from beginning. Anyway most of enemy animals can be defeated jumping on their head and also it’s possible to destroy some rocks jumping and headbutting them. A lot of times destroyable rocks hide resources or natural weapons (as mud balls) that the sloth can throw to enemies (for a limited range of time, some seconds).

Levels aren’t long or difficult to clear, but you need to pay great attention and coordination (using some cunning)to finish it with a lot of resources. The player can have a panoramic screen about levels in a general map of the world, in which it’s possible to see cleared levels, levels to face, and the habitat he is building for himself and friends. There are then some levels (marked with the Diego’s head, the saber-tooth tiger) in which is possible to embody Diego to rush in a wild run level!

Clicking on our habitat icon it’s possible to see where and how we are building our settlement: scrolling screen to right and left make us visible many options. To the left there is the “warehouse”, the place in which we can spend collected acorns to buy a different kind of food (beets, pinecones, watermelons…even spare ribs!), raw materials (stones, leaves, seeds, logs, trees, plants, ice cubes), decorations, stone slabs (to unlock Diego’s levels) and boosts (to ease or make more efficient the gameplay). Clicking instead in the acorns warehouse (a big hollow tree full of acorns) the player can see purchasable resources (it’s possible to buy a trial package, or others that give to player some additional acorns to spend or unlocked levels to play). Moving to the right in the habitat screen we’ll find Diego resting bored near a stone: giving him food enough means to have an happy big cat under your command, always ready to hunt and harvest some good resource (a provided indicator show his degree of satisfaction!). On the right is also visible our true habitat with all the improvements and decoration we build step by step.

The game (now in beta version) it’s available both in English and in Italian. It has funny and useful social options: for example it’s possible to see not only the ranking of the best sloth around, but also to add up to five friends in a list, so that you can check respective improvements.

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Ice Age Online
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