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Glory of Gods is a Free to play MMO Action RPG, is a browser game debeloped by BoyJoy.

The lands of Masure Mainland had for years lived in a quiet peace up until Demons invaded their lands with the intent of destroying all its inhabitants and conquering the continent for themselves. With the help of ancient dragons who banded together the civilised races of sprites and humans, gifting them with divine and powerful abilities, the Demons were driven back from the land. With the continent in ruins Amora and Rophnek, to who had previously championed the Dragons, tried to claim Masure Mainland as rightfully theirs to rule, but in their failed attempt were exiled to the distant continent known as Devil’s Carlo. In their solitude they discovered Gorena, the imprisoned Demon Lord, and in exchange for his mighty Demon armies released him from his prison and have now once more waged war on the mainland.

Glory of Gods is a free to play MMO action RPG where players will fight in spectacular PVE and PVP as they journey through this world fighting monsters and Demons this in the name of the gods themselves. With wonderful graphics and exciting combat players can explore the land and its inhabitants through hundreds of quests that will take them through a number of beautifully designed environments. No divine adventurer worth their salt would make this journey by foot and players have the opportunity to attain various mounts including horses, ligers, bears and even unicorns and Dragons, each of which will start as a weak basic version and can be trained and levelled up over time. As well is your mount players can also have unique “soul” companions that are summoned to help you in battle, providing an extra active combatant as well as boosting your own character’s abilities. These souls can also be levelled up, improving their skills and abilities, and equipped with a variety of items that are specific to them; the 16 different souls to choose from there is one for every style of play.

Players are able to choose from for different classes within the game, taking on the classic fantasy roles of the stoic and defence focused Warrior, the sneaky and nimble Rogue, the elemental and devastating Mage and the divine Priest with their abilities to cure wounds. Players can choose to play solo and discover the content and complete quests on their own, or take advantage of the multiplayer systems and join a group of Guild to take on more difficult challenges. Head into dangerous dungeons in search of valuable loot and exciting challenges or hunt down epic world bosses and try to kill them for rewards and acclaim.

Away from PVE players can also engage in optional PVP content, most typically the arena battles in which players can queue to be matched up against other players using a points-based system to ensure players are of a similar level and skill. The bouts last 10 minutes and the first person to kill their opponent are declared the winner and both fighters will receive points accordingly. The top 20 players at the weeks end are entered into the weekend finals in a battle to be declared the Arena Champion earning themselves valuable prizes.

Glory of Gods is a free to play game with an optional VIP subscription model where players can purchase different level of cards (weekly [10 days], monthly [30 days] six months [180days]). Whilst your VIP card is active players are able to benefit from a number of different bonuses such as being given daily free crystals, off-line XP boosts, a store that can be accessed remotely as well as a unique [VIP] tag that appears by your name when speaking in chat channels, each of which has a different colour to show what level VIP the player is. VIP cards are purchased with real-world cash and can be bought individually without having to enter into a rolling subscription.

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Glory of Gods
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