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Nova Raider / MMO Genre: F2P MMO Space Shooter . Platform Availability: Windows / Web Browser / iOS . Developed By: Sublinet

Nova Raider is a free to play space shooter MMO accessible on multiple platforms where players control their own starfighter spaceship out in the unknown universe as players work to beat back enemy factions, acquire resources, complete quests and upgrade their ships to make them more efficient and powerful. The game has enhanced 3-D top-down visuals primarily using static rendered graphics with seamless animations and an intuitive and simple user interface. After an account registration players can log directly into the game using Facebook, iOS or a small Windows client and start playing instantly.

When first starting out players are guided through the various menus and functions of the game through the first quests, acting as tutorials players will quickly grasp basic concepts as ship movement, attacking, repairs and upgrading.

Initially players do not have a class, upon reaching level 8 they can choose between the Raider, Tank, Support or Trader classes or a “Balanced” ship class, each class has varied pros and cons based around the four primary ship stats: Attack Rating, Defence Rating, Trade Rating and finally the collective Heals, Buffs and Drones Rating. Depending on the type of ship class a player uses they will be stronger in a particular stat but vulnerable with another, the Raiders are quick and deadly attackers but have weak defences in comparison to the well armoured Tanks with heavy shields, who in turn have weaker weaponry. The Supporters aren’t particularly well-suited to combat but make ideal companion ships able to heal and buff their companions, similarly with the Trader ships they focus more on trying to stay out of combat and are able to gather far more minerals than other ships so that they can make more money at the market. The Balanced Class has no major strengths or weaknesses. Players can watch a YouTube clip from within the game of each Class in action prior to making their selection with a developer introduction on what players can expect for each class.

Gameplay is very simple primarily utilising the mouse and left click to move around or target enemy ships that, once a player is in range, will begin to auto attack. Players are able to quickly identify the level of other players and enemy ships, denoted by the number in the player’s or enemies’ name that hovers below their ship. As well as the mouse players will primarily use six hotkeys to quickly use their weapons and gear, but they can also be clicked using the mouse. Each zone area in the world is a set size with asteroid fields creating the borders of the map/zone area to keep players contained, though players can switch between zones using Galaxy Gates when they level up and where they will find higher-level enemies, greater rewards and new missions that wall give them XP and Uranium when completed.

There are two primary forms of currency in the game, Uranium and Stars, with Uranium being the standard in game currency used to upgrade, repair and resupply your ship as well as learn new research technologies to further improve your capabilities. Stars drop from time to time and can be used as an alternative currency, but are primarily the premium purchase currency in the game that players can purchase with real-world cash.

Players can both purchase new ships as well as upgrading their current ones, new ship models have a level requirement and require one of the two currencies to unlock, however players can equip themselves with new weapons or healing/repair kits at the garage. Alternatively players can recover floating minerals as they fly around the map, these minerals come in all shapes and sizes and can be combined to create powerful Gems that players can then equip to acquire extra perks and boosts in combat or players can take them to the Market and sell them to gain extra Uranium.

The game has a wide variety of achievements that players can unlock as they progress and actively engage in the different features, such as finding new gems and even fighting in the Arena Duels where players can fight against enemy bots or against other players to show off their skills.

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Nova Raider
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