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The Lost Titan is a browser based massively online roleplaying game developed by ZQGame, in which players journey through the world of Aristos, a magical realm created and managed by two Titan Gods named Hyperion and Ophion.

For hundreds of years, the land of Aristos has thrived under the ruling balance of two Titans. On one fateful day, Hyperion mysteriously disappears, and the world is thrown into chaos. Journey with the protectors of light in search of the lost titan and restore order to save the world.

Leveling up in The Lost Titans opens up a number of fun opportunities for players to explore deeper elements of the game. Whether a player prefers close-range melee combat, long-ranged warfare, or wielding magical arts, there is a class for everyone. You can choose between the Mighty warrior, the agile Ranger and the powerful Mage.

The game also features a three factions system, with three different houses that awaits the players in order to lead them into ferocious PvP (Player Vs Player) battles. Once a player chooses a house, it is a permanent alignment that affects future PvP combat in zones that are designated for PvP warfare. Alignment will also determine what friends a player can add to his or her friends' list, and guild roster. Join the wise Levidis, the Fierce Kalgeris or the clever Vendramin, and wear their colors with pride. You can enjoy a thrilling PvP action in many different modes in The Lost Titans. And if you are tired of just punishing the enemy houses in the open world PvP zones you can always enter the Arena, the Faction Battles or the Guild Battles

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The Lost Titans
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