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Martial Heroes MMORPG
Martial Heroes MMO

Martial Heroes features a world rich in oriental heritage, martial arts and age-old legendry and offers a perfect blend between oriental medievalism and stunning fantasy. A gamer chooses the role that fits him or her best. By playing quests and using items such as swords and horses, the gamer grows into his role.
On your journey through the world of Martial Heroes you travel into areas totally different from locations you have seen before. There are mystical terrains where the night rules supreme, or lands that can only be reached through secret passages. While you progress through Martial Heroes and your character reaches new levels, many more elements will become available. This ensures richness in new experiences for players of Martial Heroes, never before encountered in any game. Of course real success comes from playing the game together. Martial Heroes offers the possibility to form a Guild. There is an unlimited number of levels that will keep the game provocative for every hardcore gamer.

OmensRealm MMORPG
OmensRealm MMO

Omens Realm - Alliance of the Three Worlds is a server of Odyssey Online Classic orginally made by Bugaboo. This Free online RPG server offers classical yet realistic game play. Made from simple programs and projects, this game is simple with addictive game-play.
Choose from over 12 different classes including Mages, Knights, Paladins, Necromancers, Thieves, Ninjas, and more, with beautiful music, hundreds of magical spells and end-less gaming. Start a long adventure, trade and find fortune, start and rule your own guild with your own castle, slain dragons, or just to come on and chat with friends, the destiny is in your very own hands!

Prius Online MMORPG
Prius Online MMO

Developed by CJ E&M Corp for Windows, Prius Online is a free to play 3D cinematic MMORPG with high quality production, immersive storyline, three character system, and many other unique features. Prius’ storyline are many dramatic in-game movie scenes. Unlike traditional cut scenes, the scenes in Prius are rendered on demand, featuring your character in the cinematic sequences.

The key feature of Prius is the Three Character System (3C System), which allows players to utilize their main character, the Adventurer, their female companion, the Anima, and enormous powerful mercenaries, the Gigas, when in battle. The Anima, whose abilities offer support and protection to the Adventurer, summons the Gigas to demolish bosses and foes. Players get to play all three characters on a journey to defend Prius from evil. Prius offers a large variety of dungeons, ranging from traditional instanced, through timed dungeons to arena type survival waves. In an effort to keep players on their toes several interesting mechanics and difficulty settings has been implemented, affecting enemy spawning. Players can expect random spawn locations, random patrols, and even mini bosses.

City of Steam MMORPG
City of Steam MMO

City of Steam: Arkadia (COS Arkadia) is a free-to-play browser MMORPG based on the Unity3D technology and developed by Mechanist Games. The game takes place in an industrial “steampunk” where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies make up the mechanical world of the game.

Players begin their adventure in the city of Nexus, where they have to find out more about their family history, and help to rebuild or destroy Nexus. You can affect the world of the game in many ways, either by defeating enemies in dungeons, or by completing missions that affect the economy, the politics or the inhabitants of Nexus.

Herokon Online MMORPG
Herokon Online MMO

Herokon Online, it's a Browser Free-to-Play MMORPG, developed by Silver Style.

Herokon Online is a fantasy MMO set in the tabletop campaign world of The Dark Eye where budding heroes can journey through the land of Aventuria to seek out their fame and fortune whilst battling dangerous creatures and terrifying evils. The game is completely free to play with a premium option and can be played directly in your Internet browser without the need for a client download. Players get to choose from three different races each of which has four playable professions (classes) and can be customised with talents and special abilities.

DK Online MMO

Dragon Knights, also known as DK Online, is a free-to-play anime-styled MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy world of Litos where the malevolent ancient dragon Kharvag has risen once again. Now all the races must set aside their differences and join forces against the evil dragon. And players are meant to re-establish the tradition of the Dragon Knights and protect Litos from Kharvag. Developed by SG Internet in conjunction with RPG Factory, this social game with a strong focus on PvP encourages players to team up with others to overcome the toughest challenges and have lots of fun.

Black Gold Online MMORPG
Black Gold Online MMO

Black Gold Online is a Free to Play MMO RPG game developed by SnailGames.

Black Gold Online is a free to play fantasy-based MMO RPG where players get to step into a unique world of war, magic and heroes players get to step into the shoes of their own future saviour where they can choose from being a variety of different classes of the dependent on which of the available races you choose to play. The game revolves around the clash of two mighty factions were ideals and technology clash, a mix of fantasy and steampunk including hard-core PVP and a unique Guild warfare system. The wide selection of different MMO RPG features available players will reward playing Black Gold Online.

DarkEden MMO

Developed by Softon Entertainment, DarkEden is a free-to-play, horror/action massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Featuring isometric projection graphics and classic hack-and-slash gameplay, DarkEden is a nostalgic throwback to the classic MMORPGs of the 1990s. The game mixes classic Asian, medieval and sci-fi fantasy aspects to create a unique modern horror environment. Players join the ranks of one of the three warring factions, then gear up and dive into the fray for large scale warfare and sieges between the guilds.

Rosh Online MMORPG
Rosh Online MMO

Developped by Galaxy Gate and published by Ignited Games, Rosh Online: The Return of Karos is a fast-paced action oriented MMORPG.

In Rosh Online: The Return of Karos, players take on the role of a hero determined to break the curse of darkness falling over the fantasy world of Asmara and ascend to ultimate glory by becoming the mythical Karos warrior. Through quests, guild clashes and large-scale player-versus-player action, Rosh Online’s warriors fight to dominate the world's vital energy source, Fletta. Fletta provides the basis for the game's unique and complex alternate progression system. Alongside traditional experience point-based leveling within the game, Fletta energy can be used to increase stats, give buffs, buy resources and enchant items.

The Lost Titans MMORPG
The Lost Titans MMO

The Lost Titan is a browser based massively online roleplaying game developed by ZQGame, in which players journey through the world of Aristos, a magical realm created and managed by two Titan Gods named Hyperion and Ophion.

For hundreds of years, the land of Aristos has thrived under the ruling balance of two Titans. On one fateful day, Hyperion mysteriously disappears, and the world is thrown into chaos. Journey with the protectors of light in search of the lost titan and restore order to save the world.

Lotro The Lords Of The Rings Online MMORPG
Lotro The Lords Of The Rings Online MMO

Developed by turbine Lord of the Rings Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the world created by JRR Tolkien, here you adventure into Middle Earth as one of the iconic races from the books and films and carve out your own legend. In-depth character customisation, quests and larger storylines, exploration and discovery as well as crafting and many other MMORPG staple features can be found within the game.

The game itself has been running for many years now and still has a high core membership that regularly play, giving a large pool of players to group with when heading off on your adventures. Even as one of the older MMORPGs on the market Lord of the Rings Online is still constantly updated with new features, patches and expansions. In the newest and expansion alone players can now level up their hero to level LXV, creates customisable soldiers in the newest Skirmish system and explore the Deadly Sword-halls, the Savage Warg-pens and the ancient Dungeon of Dol Guldur.

Rusty Hearts MMORPG
Rusty Hearts MMO

Developed by Stairway Games for Windows, Rusty Hearts is a free to play Hack and Slash MMORPG set in a gothic world with anime graphics. It features beat-em-up combat action and different characters to choose from with their own weapons and storylines. Players can party up for explore dungeons through instanced stages.

The three different characters are: Frantz, who supplements his swordsmanship with dark magic granted by his vampiric blood; Angela, who can summon fire and orbs of arcane energy to blast all who stand in her way; and Tude, the perfect combination of man and beast; ducking and weaving like a boxer before pouncing like a ravenous wolf.

The Aurora World MMORPG
The Aurora World MMO

Set in a beautiful world threatened by a rising evil, Aurora World is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Aurora Interactive for Windows. In this game you have to stop the evil forces and protect the Aurora World. Players can band together with one of the three great nations, learn the culture, master a profession and grow in battle prowess.

The game features a complete and deep clan system which let you create a family with other players within the game and work together to become the best clan. You can quest together and completing tasks to earn the clan income and purchase exclusive items. Being in a clan will benefit all, allowing you to easily socialize with friends and help each other out. You can challenge other clans in combat to decide who's the top dog within the nation. Moreover, the clan leader can purchase clan talents and activate them for all clan members.

Arcane Saga MMORPG
Arcane Saga MMO

Arcane Saga is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by CJ Games Global for Windows. Players can encounter brutal, fast paced combat in an immersive game world. Obtain Anima, a spirit seeking the fabled hero, and grow together in power and fame. The game is set in the world of Prius, a planet sealed by the King of the Gods Rashard for its creator’s defiance. It now waits for a foretold hero to rise and free the world from Rashard.

Players can choose their adventures and build their own experiences by choosing to explore the world of Prius through hundreds of open world quests and experiences or delving deep dungeons for new gear. You can even team up with friends and participate in regular Castle Siege events.

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