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Herokon Online, it's a Browser Free-to-Play MMORPG, developed by Silver Style.

Herokon Online is a fantasy MMO set in the tabletop campaign world of The Dark Eye where budding heroes can journey through the land of Aventuria to seek out their fame and fortune whilst battling dangerous creatures and terrifying evils. The game is completely free to play with a premium option and can be played directly in your Internet browser without the need for a client download. Players get to choose from three different races each of which has four playable professions (classes) and can be customised with talents and special abilities.

The world of Aventuria is a world of fantastic adventure, where over half of the Middenrealm is covered in wilderness that is on tamed and uncivilised, acting as hideouts for highway men, roaming bandits and even more dangerous monsters. Traverse jagged mountain ranges, explore barren deserts and find artefacts in ruins lost to time, uncover caves protected by ancient Dragons or enchanted lakes claimed by the fairies and nymphs. Each step in your journey will uncover something wonderful and new; there is a whole world out there to discover and all it needs is the right heroes to take those first few steps.

In the game players can choose from three different races: the humans of Middenrealm, the Elves and the Dwarves. The humans are the most widely spread of races, with their short lives they focus on carrying out their lineage by breeding and have given rise to some of the greatest empires across the land. Able to play as a well armoured Warrior, the sneaky Rogue, a mending Healer or a powerful Mage their class choices are as wide and diverse as their people.

The elves are not natural to this realm, dreaming their people into the world they are the fey folk who live in splendorous isolation in the many woods that span the world of Aventuria. Occasionally handful of their number will head out into the world to seek out adventure until the day that they fulfil their destiny and depart from this world, their life’s goal complete. All elves, regardless of their chosen profession, are gifted in some way with magic and so many forsake the use of metal or limit its use; from the lightly armoured Fighter, the bow wielding Ranger, the healing Keeper and the more magically focused Spellweaver.

Born and raised in their own home mines the dwarves learn to use a pickaxe and shovel at an early age, and just as early how to wield the battleaxe and mace. Their long lives revolve around crafting and coin and those who do venture out from their home mine seemingly seek it out in other ways. Many dwarves hiring out their combat abilities as Mercenaries, selling themselves to the highest bidder, or hunting down quarry as a Bounty Hunter and claiming their coin that way. Equally battle minded is the Physician, able to wield his craft to mend wounds on the battlefield, or the magical Geode harnessing the powers gifted to them by the Earth Mother.

With hundreds of quests to choose from and each player embarking on their own personal campaign, making them the centre of their own epic adventure, there is plenty of solo play to keep players invested in the game. However to take on the greatest challenges, go toe to toe with the most dangerous threats and explore the deepest levels of the most deadly dungeons players will need to team up and face them together in team based cooperative group play.

The game is absolutely free to play and all content is available to any player, however there is a premium option to those who wish to spend some real-world money to get ahead. Through the in game platinum shop players can purchase platinum premium currency to spend in game on items, helping them acquire gear more quickly than they could by playing normally as even the purchasable items can still be earned simply by playing the game.

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Herokon Online
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