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Developed by turbine Lord of the Rings Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the world created by JRR Tolkien, here you adventure into Middle Earth as one of the iconic races from the books and films and carve out your own legend. In-depth character customisation, quests and larger storylines, exploration and discovery as well as crafting and many other MMORPG staple features can be found within the game.

The game itself has been running for many years now and still has a high core membership that regularly play, giving a large pool of players to group with when heading off on your adventures. Even as one of the older MMORPGs on the market Lord of the Rings Online is still constantly updated with new features, patches and expansions. In the newest and expansion alone players can now level up their hero to level LXV, creates customisable soldiers in the newest Skirmish system and explore the Deadly Sword-halls, the Savage Warg-pens and the ancient Dungeon of Dol Guldur.

Battle against the evil forces of Sauron choosing from a varied combination of races and classes, in the fight for good armies are made up of the sturdy and steadfast Dwarves, the Hobbits of the Shire, the ancient race of Elves and the race of men, who make up some of the greatest heroes and villains within the saga. Band together to create a group of adventurers or make your own Guild with a permanent Fellowship to seek out the greater challenges in this war scarred land.

Choose from nine different classes: the melodic Minstrel, sneaky Burglar, keen-eyed Hunter, powerful Guardian, wizened Rune-keeper, stalwart Warden, commanding Captain, learned Loremaster and fearsome Champion, each of which bring their own unique skills and abilities either fighting as a solo adventurer battling side-by-side with their companions and using their abilities to aid them. There truly is something for everybody and class for all play styles from tanks, healers to outright damage dealers.

Lord of the rings online has an in-depth crafting system which is divided among seven Vocations, each of which consisting of three different professions. A Vocation gives a general overview of what can be accomplished with those crafting abilities, these consist of an Armourer, Explorer, Tinker, Armsman, Woodsman, Historian and Yeoman. The Professions can directly support both each other and their primary Vocation whereas others require you to seek out a player who has a Vocation or Profession that complements yours. The 10 Professions are: Farmer, Forrester, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Cook, Scholar, Prospector, Tailor, Woodwork and Weaponsmith.

Away from the battlefield it is important to get some down time and with this the game introduces hobbies, a great way for the adventurers of Middle Earth to wind down and take a break away from all the death and carnage. Engage in hobbies for fun and profit which allows players to engage within the world in new and exciting ways taking on a similar style to the crafting professions.

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Lotro The Lords Of The Rings Online
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