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Unlimited Ninja is a Free to Play Browser MMORPG game,developed by IceGames.

Set in the anime world created for the Naruto cartoon, players will journey across the land seeking out adventure and completing challenging quests for the various NPC characters seen in both the show and some new faces exclusive to the game. The main premise Unlimited Ninja is for players to create their own team of adventuring Ninjas, training up their skills, equipping them with powerful weapons and armour and fighting against the evil that threatens the land. Unlimited Ninja is a free to play MMO RPG with premium currency and VIP status accessibility and can be played without the need of a client download and accessed through your preferred web browser.

The colourful graphics, action packed automated fight scenes and in-depth storyline encapsulate the Naruto cartoon perfectly and fans of the show will no doubt love this strategy based MMORPG. Whilst gameplay for the most part is very automated, where players are guided effortlessly from place to place with the click of a button that will run them to the required quest NPC or quest location. Combat is also automated where the player’s team will automatically exchange combat blows with the enemy opposition, the amount of damage they do, the order of their attacks and the moves they unleash are determined by each characters individual stats and the skills that they have learned.

One of the key areas of the game is team management, players will meet a variety of new and some familiar faces on their travels that they can solicit to join their group and help them in their adventure that will stand in formation to help your character in battle. There are three typical positions that different fighters can fill: Vanguard, Assaulter and Support. Vanguard acts as the tank and is the one who is able to mitigate most of the damage that would otherwise be taken by your main character, Assaulters are the main attackers in the group using their Ninja abilities to deal lots of damage where the Support ninja have a more varied number of roles they can fill depending on their abilities such as healers, stunners and buffers.

Each Ninja can be levelled up independently and top News scrolls, once the player has completed their main quests when they reach level 7 they unlock the S.Ability scroll feature where they can put ability points into new skills for the main captain and/or enhance their other ninja team mates. Gear also plays an important part in the game and typically items are picked up through questing, purchased in the shops from the Silver currency that is acquired through gameplay, for gained as rewards through playing many of the different game features. Each character in a team has a number of different slots available to equip different items, from head, armour, feet and more.

Some of the other ways to gain items, currency and XP are systems such as the Master & Slave feature, where players are able to defeat another player in combat in the Arena and take them as their own slave, with three slaves available in total. If a player is trying to take another player master as a slave who already has slaves themselves then that player must defeat the Masters’ slaves first, if successful the slave gives the master XP every second for 24 hours or until they escape, have been rescued or recaptured. Masters are able to interact with their slaves to earn various forms of XP and the slave is able to respond by resisting, sending out hope of quests to Guild members once per day (the Guild member will automatically attack the master and if successful the player slave is freed) or paying gold to earn their freedom (which grants the Master 50 coupons).

Being one of the top players is one of the ultimate goals in the game, encouraging players to be involved in the Arena, where they can challenge other players in combat, or the Elite Match which is a cross server battle that lets ninjas from all different servers fight with each other (restricted to level 72 and above) and finally the Ninja Clash which allows the top 50 players to compete in a turnaround once per day and earn items and titles.

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Unlimited Ninja
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