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Developed by Stairway Games for Windows, Rusty Hearts is a free to play Hack and Slash MMORPG set in a gothic world with anime graphics. It features beat-em-up combat action and different characters to choose from with their own weapons and storylines. Players can party up for explore dungeons through instanced stages.

The three different characters are: Frantz, who supplements his swordsmanship with dark magic granted by his vampiric blood; Angela, who can summon fire and orbs of arcane energy to blast all who stand in her way; and Tude, the perfect combination of man and beast; ducking and weaving like a boxer before pouncing like a ravenous wolf.

Also, Rusty Hearts offers different pvp modes, in which players get pvp ranks and are awarded with special points which they can use to purchase special weapons and items. The modes are: Deathmatch (teams against each other); Vip (each team has a vip member. The first to slay the other team's vip wins); Tag Team (Team combat in one on one matches); and Survival (only can survive).

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Rusty Hearts
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