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Black Gold Online is a Free to Play MMO RPG game developed by SnailGames.

Black Gold Online is a free to play fantasy-based MMO RPG where players get to step into a unique world of war, magic and heroes players get to step into the shoes of their own future saviour where they can choose from being a variety of different classes of the dependent on which of the available races you choose to play. The game revolves around the clash of two mighty factions were ideals and technology clash, a mix of fantasy and steampunk including hard-core PVP and a unique Guild warfare system. The wide selection of different MMO RPG features available players will reward playing Black Gold Online.

In the game plays can divide themselves between two different warring factions, the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union, with each faction made up of different key races spread across the continent. Of the Erlandir Union serve the mystical Kosh with their ability to manipulate the elements, the brutal nomadic Yuton tribes and the ferocious Aurek with their ability to metamorphose that are loyal to the cause. Among those races serving under the Kingdom of Isenhorst are the technologically superior and militant Buvont, the dwarven Lokemean who have are masters of both steam and forge and the vampiric Upryian exiles.

Each race has an extensive in game background and access to 4 of the 12 different classes including the merciless assassins that work the shadows and take out their targets using stealth and the element of surprise, mystic Geomancers who are gifted healers able to use earth’s natural holistic remedies, the Skycaller who has mastered both wind and water able to control the mighty tempests up their whim and the dark magic wielding Occultist, a female only class able to rejuvenate using dark and ancient secrets. Each class has six different stats that can be used as an overview as to where the class excels in combat: Attack, Defence, Control, Support, Range and Sustainability.

Players are able to acquire their own personal Carriers, steampunk machines variants and also natural beasts that can be utilised as both war beasts used for destruction and the personal mounts. There are currently five different Carriers available including the heavy armour clad Assault carrier, the standard and anti-personnel Raid carrier, the reinforced, Siege carrier has the highest constitution of its peers, highflying Aerial carriers and the specialised Anti-Air carriers able to shoot down their enemies.

Players can enjoy the game solo with a variety of quests for even working together in team based PVP Battlefields where they can earn treasure, fame and experience in both small and large scale PVP combat in a unique independent map that is made specifically for two teams to fight against each other as the rival factions go head-to-head. Players can also try out a more in-depth PVP using the Guild warring feature where Guilds will compete against each other to control Guild specific strongholds and are able to control the entire cities and physics the rule over the land. Guilds are able to acquire Technology Points to grow their power and give Guild wide perks and access to unique high-level mount manuals and also earn Contribution Points by completing side quests to acquire unique Guild focused resources that can be donated to the Guild coffers long them to upgrade.

The unique Military Battlefield focuses on PVP revolving around the available Carriers, mounted military combat as players battle against each other to control the Board Farming Citadel in a huge scale optional battle. Restricted to players over level 10 the unique map design has the players fight from their own camp/faction based to the North and South of the main citadel in this exciting capture flags game. Due to the large scale of the map players will typically make their way around on the backs of their Personal Carriers, where the unique benefits of each Carrier type come into play where each Carrier is both strong and weak against other Carriers.

The game will be free to play and players are able to register to join the open baiter or purchase of the retail Conqueror’s Edition, which gives players access to unique perks and rewards such as some clothing fashion items, epic crafting materials and some valuable in game Black Gold resources.

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Black Gold Online
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