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OnePiece Online is a F2P Hero Building MMORPG browser game. Developed By: JoyGames.

OnePiece Online is an exciting free to play MMORPG where players step into the world of the popular anime of the same name and embark on an epic journey of dangerous pirate adventure. Players will primarily focus on building up their chosen class, unlocking new skills and abilities, recruiting new Partners to their team and advancing through the game in story driven progression to unlock more features and ultimately go head-to-head with other players in competitive gameplay for endgame content. The game is completely browser-based and so players do not need to download a client and can play it after a quick registration on the official game’s website.

The game is set in the world of One Piece, a popular Japanese that manga revolves around the story of the main protagonist Luffy and the ragtag bunch of Straw Hat Pirates that he leads, appropriately named after the straw hat that Luffy always wears. In the game Luffy will frequently appear to guide you on your journey along with a number of other popular characters from the show, as well as a various enemies that will stand in your way, primarily the forces of the Marine Navy.

When starting out players get to choose between three different classes: Sniper, Swordsman or Devil Fruit User, each one offering different tactics and attributes to the player based on their choice as well as a different character avatar. The Sniper is a classic ranged combatant that uses powerful guns to make their long distance attacks, the Swordsman is a formidable melee class skilled with the blade and powerful physical attacks and the Devil Fruit User is the primary magic ranged character that also uses pets to attack. The three classes act as a rock paper and scissors type system where the Sniper has domination over any Devil Fruit User, that in turn can dominate the Swordsman, that obviously is able to subdue the Sniper. The player’s choice of class will primarily determine which type of Partners they will wish to recruit for their team to balance out their own weaknesses.

Partners are the various NPC characters that will join the player in their adventure and can be hired through the Tavern and use the Bounty system to search for criminals willing to join your pirate crew. Players spend in game currency and earned Vivre Cards to roll on the Bounty board, the more currency they spend the higher quality a Partner they can recruit, providing they have the recruit items needed (different Partners require different items). Partners come in four different types: Blue, Purple, Red and Gold, the Purple, Red and Gold Partners have powerful skills and abilities in combat and many of them can deal area of attack damage. Blue partners do not have any skills but they are required to activate the Fate system, which is a series of passive abilities that when they are combined with a particular Partner or a certain item of treasure their abilities /bonuses can be activated. Partners are put in specific formations that can also give extra bonuses as well as enabling your chosen main character to be positioned appropriately, e.g. a Sniper at the rear of the formation with stronger Partners at the front.

Combat is frequent in the game and is an instanced based battle where players must travel with their team and defend a Pirate Flag from spawning enemies, clearing them all out to complete the level Challenge. Players will earn rewards based on how well they do in the battle, the potential to earn up to 3 stars if they successfully defeat all enemies without their Pirate Flag being captured (the flag has 10 hp and once reduced to 0 the flag is captured). Players can either control their character and move them around using the mouse and selecting which enemies to attack, or the characters will fight completely automated taking down enemies without any player input.

Players will continue to play through the ongoing Storyline, which is broken down into different Chapters and after the initial chapter all others have four different modes that players can try to challenge; Easy, Hard, Shura and Purgatory, players must complete all Easy challenges before trying them on Hard and so on with greater rewards given for the harder levels.

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OnePiece Online
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