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Oloko is a browser based mmorpg developed for Windows. This is an mmorpg for young people and child and is characterized by a very colored graphic with a really nice cartoon style.
In the game there is the possibility to do a lot of things, such as plant and gather a lot of plants, learn a profession, gather a lot of items and trade them, customize as you wish your character.
The game is simple and it's really good for every gamer that has few time to play, even if the more hardcore gamers can find a lot of things to do inside Oloko.

In this game the gamer won't battle against other players but they can help each other to reach objectives together.

The players can also grow up a lot of different types of animals that will be a good company during the adventures inside the game.

There are also a good number of npcs from which the players can get quests and jobs to complete and get rewards that will be useful to grow up several types of plants and grow up their animals.
The game is completely free2play and can be downloaded without needing to do any type of payment.

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