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Take up your spear and set forth on an unforgettable adventure in 13th century Africa. Choose from one of the many kingdoms or found your own tribe. Protect your people and conquer your enemies, and the Griots will sing the praises of your heroic deeds. Farm the land, herd cattle, grow wealthy through trade, become a mighty warrior, master the wisdom of the ancients, or rule an empire. The choice is yours.

Using Rapid Reality's ground-breaking Aura 3-D engine, Africa will feature landscapes of breath-taking beauty and lush soundscapes of African drums, horns, and strings. Hundreds of unique locations such as Egyptian tombs, Roman ruins guarded by the shades of fallen legionnaires, and even a mysterious desert city of that only appears during a full moon await discovery. Visit fabled cities like Timbuktu, brave the scorching deserts of the Sahara, climb the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains, and journey to the land of the dead.

Emergent Artificial intelligence makes Africa a living, breathing world with a complex ecology and vibrant characters. The game will feature hundreds of NPCs, each with their own personality and routines villagers, towns folk, merchants, guards, courtiers, scholars, scribes, alchemists, farmers, herders, craftsmen, blacksmiths, potters, weavers, shamans, hunters, Berber nomads, Tuareg desert raiders, and so forth. NPCs don't just stand around lifelessly, waiting for players to interact with them. They have their own lives and goals. Children play, farmers till the soil, weavers weave cloth, merchants lead caravans, and rulers will muster their forces to thwart player kingdoms.

Africa is a highly innovative massively multiplayer world with a wide variety of game play. Using a vast library of sounds and movements, players can compose original music or perform unique dances. Drum circles can empower the warriors of the tribe, protect their villages, and bring life-giving rains to the fields. The game also features a unique "dreamscape" environment, which is an instanced environment players enter when their characters dream. Communicate with your ancestors and receive visions to aid your quests. Gaze inward and unlock hidden powers. Literally wrestle with your inner demons. Battle against evil Jinn for your very soul!

Africa's dynamic quest engine will immerse players in the rich mythology and folklore of Africa. Players must draw upon the magic of the land or the strength of their sword arm to defeat or outwit their foes. Players can also set quests for other players: rulers can hire player merchants to transport goods. Merchants can in turn hire warriors to protect their caravans from raiders.

Survival in Africa requires players to work together to achieve their goals. Crafters create the weapons and armor that warriors need to defeat their opponents. Gatherers collect the raw materials necessary for crafters to make their wares. Warriors defend the frontier and insure access to resources like pasturage, watering holes, mines, and other valuable resources. Conquering and holding lands will require courage and vigilance. Are you up to the challenge?

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