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Zombies Monsters Robots is a Free 2 Play Arcade Shooter MMO, developed by Yingpei Games for windows.

the creator of inter dimensional portal technology has slipped up, accidentally opening up a cross dimensional portal to our own world that has brought on the onslaught of deadly and dangerous creatures in all guises looking from nothing more than to wipe out humankind. With the walking undead, terrifying monsters fought only to live in the myth and stories and enhanced cybernetic robots, you now stand as one of the human operatives sent to push back these threats where they came from an end them from good.

The Zombies Monsters Robots MMO is an f2p game where players work together in team based combat against a variety of different mythological and terrifying opponents brought in from another dimension. This fast-paced game is said in many ways to be the spiritual successor of the Asian iOS game Mercenary Ops, developed by Yingpei Games, and features high-level challenging PVE content and exciting PVP combat modes. Developed using the Unreal Engine3 the game sports high level graphics and physics allowing for impressive atmospheric effects and destructible objects and environments that opens up a whole new level of tactical co-op arcade gameplay.

With a team comprising of a maximum of eight player combatants you must navigate through various zones and levels doing battle with the waves of mobs out to get you. The game is mostly focused on PVE content, with a deep story driven campaign mode as well is a survival mode where teams must fight against wave after wave of horde attackers, which grow progressively more difficult. As teams advance through a level they unlock new areas previously inaccessible to continue their progression, but the further into a level they go the more access points they open up for enemies to attack them from.

The enemies in the game, as the title would suggest, are a huge mixed range from undead zombies to futuristic AI cyber soldiers. As new areas are on locked players will encounter never before seen enemies, each with their own unique abilities to continue increasing the level of challenge in PVE mode. Players can take on the levels in various difficulty settings, from easy and normal mode where they will face different waves of mobs to Avanced difficulty setting where they will also have the added challenge of defeating boss type monsters.

The bosses in the game are unique mobs that utilise different mechanics to create a cinematic boss encounter. One such boss named The Executioner has huge chains strapped to his arms that act like whips and unleashed deadly lightning attacks as well as AOE abilities that force players to fight him at range, as melee will do little against him and his ferocious attacks players must conserve their ammo. His coup de grace allows him to extend his chains and bedding them into the walls at each side of the room and pulling them down, collapsing the walls physically destroying the environment and using it against the players.

This mechanic is also available to players to use against enemies, boarding up doors and windows to hold back approaching enemies is a viable tactic as well is destroying walls and areas to hinder them. With a variety of traps in certain locations such as huge spiked columns that swing from the roof and corridors that will ignite in flames, tactical players will be able to use these traps against their opponents. As well as this players have their own gear that they can use such as turrets that can be erected to unleash some awesome firepower on the waves of mobs whilst acting as a buff station to recharge health and ammo.

As players earn more points from progressing they will be able to further improve their own weapons and gear levelling them up and enhancing them with up to eight accessories per weapon. As there is no class-based system in the game is enhancements will enable players to tailor their character to a specific style of play that they prefer such as a more heal focused or DPS type role. Items and gear can be bought with in game currency which can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money.

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Zombies Monsters Robots
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