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Zombies Ate My Pizza is a Free-to-Play MMORPG Shooter genre game, Available Platforms: Web Browser and developed by R2 Games.

Zombies Ate My Pizza is a new browser game, Free to Play MMORPG zombie shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where evil bug like aliens have invaded and released a virus into the populous. The infected have now become ravenous, mindless zombies that see the rest of the human race as walking talking slices of pizza, and they’re pretty hungry! Advance through the extended storyline to unlock the events that transpired and how you, as a survivor that has joined the human militia, can turn the tide in this war against zombies and aliens and defeat them for good.

The action takes place in instanced based levels where players must advance through the area mowing down the zombies and other creatures with unstoppable firepower as you complete missions for the leaders of the militia. Combat is fast and exciting using the keyboard to control your character and the mouse to aim your weapon and fire wherever the cursor is pointing in this 3-D side scrolling shooter. Each level is one part of a series for a zone, once players fight through the entire zone completing each level and taking down a variety of sub bosses and the zone end boss they will advance to the next zone. After completion of each level players are graded on how well they performed, from speed, number of mobs killed and how its damage they took or contributing to how well they did and what rewards they earn.

The enemies that players will face come in a wide variety, from the shuffling pack mentality expected from zombies that move slowly attack aggressively but take little firepower to put down, to more elite versions of these zombies that take a little more damage to kill. Players will quickly come upon ranged enemies that can cast fireballs from a distance and later on doglike zombies that hunt in packs and move extremely quickly across the screen to try and surround you. The boss mobs have their own unique attacks and skills to make them considerably more challenging.

As players level up they will be able to unlock new skills and buy new weaponry, that itself can be upgraded and improved, to overall increase their battle ranking. New skills typically unlock more area of attack powers to take down groups of enemies considerably quicker than normal, as well is unlocking automatic weapons that will constantly fire at enemies whenever the manual weapon is not been fired (typically due to reloading).

Features are continuously unlocked as players level up including the more PVP focused elements of the game that are only available to more veteran players. These PVP modes consist of 3v3 arena battles that players can sign up for during a specific time period each day in battle each other for rewards and increased battle ranking. Players are able to fight each other in cross server arenas fighting in the Undead Tournament battling it out for the Treasure of Kings. There are numerous world events that players can enter once they have reached a high enough level that operate at different times each day and all give a variety of different rewards, there are also daily missions that can be completed for players to earn large amounts of XP and if players complete 10 of these missions they unlock a stamina pack to help them in battle.

It is dangerous to go out there alone and so players can either form their own Player Militia or join one, these Guilds help players earn a large amount of honour as well as other different types of bonuses such as valuable materials that can be purchased in the militia shop as well as other unique items. Players can pray in the Militia Chapel to earn Militia Contribution (MC) as well as extra honour, both of which are used to buy items from the militia store. Players in a militia can also join the militia wars going head-to-head against other militias with the chance to earn prizes. Other unique events such as the militia beast and the militia meeting allows players to earn more on and MC, giving a real benefit to joining up with other players.

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Zombies Ate My Pizza
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