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Zero Online is a sci-fi MMO developed by NetDragon that features space combat action. Players can select Infantry, Artillery or Psyche combat classes. In addition, each class has the ability to operate up to three battle mechs and command units - with the ability to transform these units into an assortment of items depending on the situation. In addition to combat and space duels, there are other PvP modes to fill your time.

The game features a rich gameplay, unique professions and skill provide unique characters; various missions give players different experiences; weapons and gears upgrading enables the emergence of super-strong robot; the great diversity of transformations endows the players with amazing power.

Zero’s unique fun is the ability of transformation. Players’ robots can transform into more than 30 types of mechs such as tank, beasts, cannons, etc.

The game has a clear guide delivered by NPCs and missions so that every player can know exactly what to do in the game. Besides, while completing each mission, players can enjoy fast leveling in order to have more fun in the future.

Zero Online only requires middle-lower hardware configuration, which means the players can have an easy access to the game. The game’s top-class 2.5D graphics engine produces gorgeous light and shadow effects for different weapons and skills, especially the XP skills and senior upgraded gears.

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Zero Online
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