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Yitien Chronicles is next-generation, Chinese-themed browser MMORPG developed by Reality Squared Games. The game takes place in China at the end of the Yuan dynasty, with an empire collapsing while sects of warriors are all fighting for power. The player will play as a warrior thrust into this conflict, and in whose hand is the fate of the Empire, and can revive it or allow it to collapse completely.

In the game you can fight in strategic turn-based combats, get pets and mounts, and participate in a wide variety of multiplayer events. In addition the game includes a depth character customization with their "Meridian" system

In the game you can choose between three classes with unique attributes, skills and weapons: Warrior, sword dancer, or healer. Warriors prefer to be in the forefront of battle and take the fight right to the enemy. The Swordancers prefer to assault their enemies and defeat them with graceful and deadly sword attacks. Healers are known for their wisdom and intelligence, and its ability to heal themselves and their allies.

The game is designed so that you don't have to invest many hours to enjoy it, since it has a an auto-walk system that will take you go automatically to the places you want to visit, or the AFK system that will allow you to gain experience even if you're not playing; Thus you save having to waste time doing tedious things and you can focus on having fun.

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Yitien Chronicles
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