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World of Warplanes is a free-to-play flight combat MMO, developed by, set during World War II and dedicated to military aviation. Players will take the roles of expert combat planes pilots, participating to massive historical battles against other players from all over the world.

The game gives players access to dozens of detailed warplanes, that will belong to three main classes: Fighters which struggle for air dominance in dogfights, defend allies and intercept hostile machines, Heavy fighters especialized in intercept enemy ground-attack planes, as well as battering mildly defended ground objects and Ground-attack planes, which aim at destroying ground targets while trying to survive fighter attacks. Each plane is different, since it has a different maneuverability, acceleration, shielding or speed.

When players participate in a battle their planes will receive damage, affecting their mobility and performance. They cannot throw themselves into a dogfight without thinking of a strategy, as undoubtedly they will end up as a ball of flaming junk.

The game allows players to choose from keyboard, mouse, joystick and gamepad. There is no crucial difference between the control methods; it’s just a matter of taste. To achieve victory, a player will have to think about tactics, not about the type of joystick to use.

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World of Warplanes
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