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Winterfrost Legacy is a free to play browser based RPG where players must adventure across a huge fantasy realm filed with orcs, elves and benevolent and malevolent gods in a story driven epic where they are the main protagonist alongside their assembled companions. The game focuses heavily on PVE and PVP content and revolved around gathering equipment, unlocking features and making both your primary character and your mercenary team mates stronger in order to take on more difficult challenges. The game comes with a wide variety of features, giveaways and prizes to be unlocked and earned as players level up, ranging from the Server Events, Daily Events, Logins, Prizes and more.

Starting out player get a choice of four different classes; The Warrior, The Rogue, The Shaman and the Mage, each of which has their own unique skills and abilities that are unlocked as a character is levelled up and Advanced. The Warrior has a high hitpoint value and Block rating, able to withstand a lot of physical attacks they are an ideal frontline fighter. The Rogue has a high Dodge and Crit value, meaning they can evade incoming attacks much easier and unleash a tirade of attacks upon their opponent. The mage suffers from low physical defense, meaning they are better off on the back line out of harm’s way, but they have an exceptionally high damage output and restorative abilities. Finally the Shaman, who also benefits from a high Attack value and can take a little extra damage in battle.

Players will periodically gain Skill points which they can spend to improve their skills and unlock new ones to make them more powerful in battle, these skills can range from single attacks, multiple target attacks, buffs, debuffs and heals, all of which help the party. Characters, particularly the main character, is improved also by the gear and artifacts that they have equipped, earned loot that has been acquired through the story driven quests and completing battles. The Mercenary companions that can be acquired through questing or the Tavern system by acquiring and spending Anima, which comes in different colours and some more high quality heroes require higher quality Anima. Animda can be gained through the Anima Alter where players exchange gold to get more, though “Great Anima” (for higher quality Mercs) can only be accessed by VIP1 or level 55 players. Once acquired Mercs can typically be upgraded by spending Gold and Merit points, Merit is earned through the Mercs system where players must fight their own Mercenary companion.

Combat itself is partly automated; players must arrange their available Mercenaries and their main character into a formation, a 7 hexagon grid with a central hexagon and six adjacent surrounding it, this represents your front, centre and backline. In battle players will come up against a similarly designed grid filled with various enemies. The battle is turn based, starting with the player character they are able to make basic attacks that build up Rage, or more powerful attacks that spend this Rage which can enable attacks that deal damage to multiple enemies or simply deal more damage to a single target. After the player has acted with their character all their companion mercenaries will automatically make their attacks and then the enemy will make all their attacks; battle continues until all the hitpoints from one teams’ members have been depleted. Players can choose which attacks they wish to perform or simply select “Auto” and let the AI control your character for you, a similar feature with movement around the map, which can also be completely automated.

Combat is used for the majority of the story driven element, players will typically enter a new area and have three fights to battle through, finishing with a boss fight for the area; in each area players have a certain number of turns to try and win the battle in in order to get the best rewards. Players can also fight in PVP against other players’ teams, though the other player doesn’t actively get involved in the battle they still lose position if they are defeated in battle and so must work towards keeping their team strong.

Winterfrost Legacy

Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: R2Games

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Winterfrost Legacy
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