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Winning Putt is a F2P Golf MMO for windows develped by OnNet.

A free to play golf simulator with MMO features, Winning Putt is a free to play title that sees players working their way through the golf circuit, gaining XP to level up, acquiring new gear, competing in friendly and cup based challenges and honing their skills.

The game guides players through the rules of golf and the mechanics to make a drive/swing/putt (i.e. hit the ball with a golf club), which follow a relatively traditional format based on direction of the shot and the power and accuracy of the swing. To line up a shot, players hit the Tab button to bring up a birds-eye view of the course where they can see where the ball is likely to land with the currently selected club providing they are precise with their power and accuracy.

When ready to take the shot players press space bar or the left mouse button which starts an arrow moving along a power gauge bar from left (weak shot) to the far right (powerful shot) and they must hit the button again to stop it in a small box for 100% power; if they stop too soon then they will have an underpowered shot, if they stop too late then they are overpowering, which makes the accuracy much harder. When the arrow reaches the end of the power gauge it moves back towards the left where there is a line marked out, players must try and stop the arrow exactly on the line for a perfect shot, if they stop it too early (to the right of the line) then the shot will pull to the right, hook or slice the shot depending how far away from the line it stops; similarly if they stop the arrow too late then shots will head off to the left. If the player has overpowered their shot then the arrows move a lot faster back down the gauge so it is a lot harder to stop exactly on the line for an accurate shot.

When landing in the rough (deep grass) or a sand trap, then taking a shot works the same only it is harder to be accurate and you cannot drive the ball as far. Putting works similarly only the player lines up their shot first and only needs to worry about the power of their shot and not the accuracy.

As players play matches and complete quests they will gain XP and currency, which allows them to level up and unlock new features and game modes as well as accessing higher level gear; this comes in the form of apparel, consumables to improve power, mentality, accuracy and more, and of course clubs that have various rarity qualities (white, green and blue quality) which makes taking shots easier. Players can also craft and “enchant” their clubs to give them extra bonuses, adding more MMO style features into the game; all of these different NPCs are found in the main square where players can also walk around and talk to each other in open public chat.

There are multiple factors outside of a players skill and gear that can determined how well a player does in a match, environmental factors such as wind direction and speed will affect a shot, as well as terrain such as hills, water hazards, sand traps and deep rough. When players finally make their way to the green (the flat land at the end of the course where the hole is) then they change to putting mode automatically. Here players see a grid over the course which shows little dots moving along the lines to show which way the terrain runs, if the terrain runs off to the right then players must compensate for this and aim a little to the left of the hole, also if the dots are running towards the hole then it means the land runs downhill so players should not put in as much power to their shot so that they don’t overshoot the hole. Finally there are stamina and mental stats that players must watch for, making powerful drives or getting stuck in the rough can drain your stamina which means your shots aren’t as powerful, finishing badly on a particular hole can reduce your mental focus going into the next hole which reduces accuracy and can be a downward spiral for a golf pro!

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Winning Putt
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