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WindSlayer is a side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which you'll embark on a hero's journey through beautiful Beuritania to become a great adventurer.

Wind Slayer introduces blazing fast, side-scrolling 2D action in a combat system that rewards precise control and timing. The game's visual style evokes images of nostalgic fairy tales with friendly sprite-based characters and gorgeous fantasy backgrounds.

In addition to a rich role-playing experience featuring diverse and powerful character classes and hundreds of in-game quests, Wind Slayer includes a thrilling player-versus-player mode offering gamers a chance to battle one another in challenging stages. Other unique features include a character customization system, chat system, mentoring system and captivating visual effects.

Key Features

• Accessible to Gamers of All Ages and Experience Levels.

• Immersive Fantasy World Featuring Diverse and Engaging Characters.

• Mentoring System Rewarding In-Game Cooperation.

• Powerful Abilities and Captivating Visual Effects.

• Hundreds of In-Game Quests and a Deep Storyline.

• Versatile Gameplay and a Wide Selection of Battle Modes Including:

- Team Fight

- Death Match

- Capture the Flag

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