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In Wild West Online: Gunfighter, players assume the role of a gunslinger in the 19th Century American West. However, the game is not a simple “twitch” game, where it’s all about reflexes. Those games don’t work well on the Internet. Instead, Wild West Online: Gunfighter is a tense, tactical game taking 2-3 minutes, where your ability to get inside your opponent’s head is the path to victory. Gunfighter offers players the option to duel against human or computer opponents. The game is set in a rich, 3D environment but playable right from a web browser, so getting in to play for free is dirt simple.

“WildWestOnline: Gunfighter’s ability to draw an audience has proven there’s a large, unfulfilled desire for Western-themed games,” Butler continued. “Our game gives fans of the genre a chance to immerse themselves in a time when conflicts were settled – sometimes famously – with determination and loaded six-guns. Best of all, it’s a game that does not require massive time commitment. If you have a few spare minutes or need a short mental break from work, you can drop in and blow off some stress with a quick gunfight.

The game offers surprising depth as your Gunfighter gains experience. Play for any length of time and you soon realize that the acquisition of items and skills that improve your gun fighting ability provides endless opportunities to mold your persona and play style to match your personal temperament. It’s amazing how much one’s personality comes through in the way they fight, making this game incredibly fun when you know the person against whom youre fighting.

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Wild West Online
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