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Wartune is an action-packed, turn-based fantasy MMO developed by 7 ROAD which is free to play in any major web browser. Mixing up classic RPG elements with strategy features, it offers a unique gameplay experience. Take over the role of a hero with unique and powerful abilities determined to protect and manage his own city.

In order dive into the world of Wartune, players have to choose their character first from the three classes available: warrior, archer or mage. Together with the possibility to decide whether you want your character to be male or female, there are 6 kinds of heroes available. Depending on the character class, your hero will have different, unique abilities and skills. While mighty warriors fight their way through hordes of enemies with a sword, archers move quickly and stealthily to strike when least expected and mages cast powerful spells to create devastating forces few opponents can withstand.

The strategy features of this browser game come into play when receiving your own city which has to be protected in order to flourish. You will have to build up various structures fulfilling specific purposes such as farms, a blacksmith and gold mines for producing raw material and goods, homes for your population, a marketplace and so on. Things you won’t need for yourself can be sold.

When exploring the huge game world, you will find all sorts of monsters that will automatically attack. Take them down in turn-based combat in order to gain EXP. Due to the Quick Time Event (QTE) combat system, you’ve got the possibility to directly be involved in the fight and to additionally boost your character’s attack by putting in a series of keys in a limited time span. Moreover, you will encounter quest supplying NPCs that will give you various tasks to complete and some will also you for a while in your journey. And, of course, you don’t have to do without PvP as there are 2 types of competing with other players: duels and arena battle for groups of three.

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