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Warlord Saga is a Free-to-play browser Hero Building MMORPG, developed by LeKoolGames.

Warlord Saga is a free to play browser based MMORPG where players get to travel around the vast world, levelling up their hero, acquiring new items and gear to make them stronger as well as recruiting various companions to aid them in their fight. Set in the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China players take on the role of a wounded stranger appearing in the peaceful riverside village of Changshan and quickly find themselves involved in a battle against the rebels of the Yellow Turbans. Warlord Saga can be played directly through your web browser after a quick online registration and requires no payment or subscription fee to play but holds the option of purchasable premium currency (Tal) to spend in game on various perks and buffs.

In the game there are three playable classes for players to choose: the Warrior, the Strategist, and the Archer. The Warrior is the traditional tank, heavily armoured and equipped with a long spear that is proficient at protecting their companions in battle, whereas the sword wielding Strategist focuses more on offensive manoeuvres and delivering deadly attacks and high levels of damage in melee range leaving long ranged attacks to the Archer who are the most agile and dextrous of fighters dealing damage from afar. The type of class that a player chooses will be mitigated as they progress through the game and recruit new Heroes that will join their group and are able to offset any classes downfalls i.e. if playing a defensively weak Strategist players are able to recruit a more tanky Hero to act as the main defender.

In combat players will arrange their active squad through various arrays, battle formations that will change the overall strength of a particular battle squad, players can arrange the more defensively weak heroes at the back of the formation protected by the stronger defensive characters at the front. Players will unlock more complex arrays as they level up, spending gold to upgrade them. The Heroes themselves play a huge role in the game and act as their own individual character with their own stats and skills as well as their own exp bar that will allow them to level up over time. The majority of heroes are recruited directly through story driven quest content as players meet them on their journey, eligible Heroes that can be recruited can be found in the Hall of Fame and each has their own requirement before they can be recruited e.g. reaching a specific level, clear an area in the Campaign, as well as participating in some of the other features of the game or simply reaching a specific Membership level, which requires premium currency.

Combat is a completely automated feature and when players enter an instanced battle they will automatically begin trading blows with the enemy based on their acquired skills and set Array, the base of the strategy and tactics for the game revolves around orchestrating powerful arrays and equipping your Heroes with improved gear. There is a more focused Autofight a feature that allows players to select a zone which will send their character to the area to automatically run around and fight any attackable enemies that are in the open, leaving the player to go AFK while their character grinds XP to level up.

The game progresses through various areas primarily through the Campaign mode which gives players a number of different quests that are completed in sequence and advance the story arc, these quests also give players rewards of EXP as well as various items to help them. Main Quests are still level locked and players must reach a specific level before they can progress the main story, however there are a variety of Daily Quests that can be picked up from the noticeboard (players can complete six Daily Quests each day, but this value can be refreshed by using a Daily Quest Scroll once per day) as well as Hero Quests and Guild Quests.

Aside from PVE focused gameplay players are also able to enter the Arena once they reach level 31, going head-to-head against other players and challenging them for position, each day at 10 PM players will receive various will rewards according to their final position at the end of the day. Players must wait 10 minutes between Arena battles, but they are able to instantly reset that time by spending Tal.

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Warlord Saga
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