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Wargame 1942 is a military strategy browser game based in the Second World War developed by Playzo. The game gives players the opportunity to build up their base, research and develop different military vehicles and aircrafts in order to build an army to fight against the enemies. Use your army to fight against thousands of different players or use your diplomatic skills to influence the world politics and to write yourself into the history books.

In this title you will have a deep and expanded tech tree to explore and which offer you a wide selection of units and buildings to produce. There are 4 main categories of unit to choose from: ground, water, air and defense, and each category contains more than 8 types of units. Each unit has its very own stats and role in battle, and their strength and weaknesses should be kept in mind when preparing an attack.

In Wargame 1942 there are thousands of players on the move towards international diplomacy or preparing the allied or axis units to use them against the other players in challenging battles for resources, power and influence. The setting takes place during the Second World War and the players are the best hope for obtaining a victory. They are building their own bases in which they use to plan military operations against their enemies, trade with other players, forge alliances and control the global politics.

The game is heavily focused on relationships and war between players. If you choose to try the PvP aspect of the game, you should be prepared to something different from the other game you could have tried. While in other games upon attacking other players and winning the fight you can steal their resources, in Wargame 1942 you will actually take their buildings or lose your own. This spices things up and force you to think carefully before launching an attack. There is also a spy system which will let you send Agents and Stork to spy upon your target empire and inform you about its units and resources.

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