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Wakfu is the continuation of the online game DOFUS, developed by Ankama. Its story takes place around 1 000 years after the beginning of the age of dofus and invites players on a captivating new adventure in the different lands of the World of Twelve.

With a choice of 16 playable classes, players can be fierce warriors, magicians with healing powers or even summoners that have the ability to call upon plants or animals. A robust set of customization give players the opportunity to create their own unique character.

Wakfu features an evolving ecosystem; players’ actions affect the world around them. Carefully choose when to protect or exploit natural resources.

A political system, managed entirely by the players, allows you to become a true citizen of your nation. Brute force is not the only way to rule; engage in a rich political system that allows you to vote for government officials, tax collection and more. Perhaps you will succeed in accessing the highest office of Governor, or maybe you'll end up in jail if you violate the laws introduced by the player who was elected governor and his ministers.

Strategic gameplay is the key to success in the game. Turn-based combat challenges players to evaluate the best strategy for victory.

Discover a world with an unusual sense of humor. Where else can you find a suit of armor that makes you look like a giant rabbit!

After the chaos that ravaged the world of Wakfu, everything must be rebuilt, and whether you're a fighter or a politician, a merchant or an artisan, in Wakfu, everything depends on you!

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