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Developed by Vae Victis, Victory: The Age of Racing is a world inspired by the legendary open wheels racing scene, but revised with a post-apocalyptic art direction for cars and tracks which gives to Victory a unique visual appearance in the racing games niche. Victory is based on quick competitions where players gain experience points and collect different car items to increase their car's attributes and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Victory is a game for the casual racers that want more: realistic car physics and a real racing experience with real time collisions, maintaining easy to learn game controls. An easy to use realistic physics means an unprecedented car handling in a game for everyone that is both easy to learn and hard to master. Victory is also a game for the hard core racers that don't have time for a full professional 3 hours race and want to race in a more casual and funny gameplay.

Each car in Victory is described by six different attributes: Weight, Aerodynamics, Traction, Grip, Brakes and Power. Like in a role playing game, you have to spend performance points, gained by buying accessories, in those six different attributes to finally reach the perfect attributes combination for your driving style and racing conditions. You can choose between gamepad, keyboard or the mouse as the primary control method. This gives the game a large compatibility and doesn't force you to always have the gamepad with you.

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Victory The Age of Racing
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