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Imagine a vast, detailed world of swords and sorcery, of dragons and knights, of fiery swords and chests overflowing with treasure… a world in which a myriad of sentient races and creatures, many of whom players will be able to base a character on, live and affect change. A place where players can follow very different paths of advancement, including assuming the roles of adventurers, crafters and merchants.

Characters will not only own buildings and vehicles, but they will also whisper into the ears of kings, manipulate the hand of justice, and change the direction of history. They will make their mark on a world we initially create but they ultimately shape and form.

Players will experience settings ranging from enjoying a drink in a tavern to walking through the streets of a bustling city. They will travel with trade caravans across deserts and they will fight pirates on the high seas. They will ascend the highest peak in the land and also explore the depths of eerie dungeons...

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