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Developped by NTTGames for Windows, Valiant is a 3D side-scrolling action RPG. Valiant sets you free in fantasy world inspired by both eastern and western elements of the medieval age.

The game let’s you team up with friends and experience the adventure inside various dungeons with lots of monsters, obstacles, traps and also gigantic bosses at the depth of the dungeons. Players will be challenged to create unique variations of combo with the help of quick change and extend weapon features that will grant you the ability to switch between 3 different kinds of weapons within a few seconds.

You can choose between 3 classes, the warrior, the mage, or the archer and the game enables all classes to use all kinds of weapons. You may see elf punishing mobs by One-handed sword while holding shield on his other hand, warriors using dark magic spells during PVP or mages switching to crossbow for a great aerial combo. With the use of no-class weapon concept you can create aerial and huge dps combo varying from swords to bow then finish it with magical skills using wands.

There are different kinds of modes for PVP system in Valiant. You could choose from dueling system, where you can invite a friend or a player for a 1v1 match inside a death match arena. Battlefield system, this is the game’s pvp matching system used for finding specific match, creating varieties of game modes (team battle, single match, etc.), you can also choose your preferred arena for excitement. There is also a special mode “Tournament Mode” where you could participate as a party and take the challenge where all of you will be moved in a terrifying arena where horde of monsters will be summoned.

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